Rand Fan Creates Biggest Message, Carbon Footprint

In a peculiarly apt expression of novelist Ayn Rand‘s “every man for himself and damn the weaklings who should stop sucking up our wealth and just crawl away and die” philosophy, Nick Newcomen drove 12,328 miles across the United States using a GPS logger to spell out the message “Read Ayn Rand” in what he calls “the world’s biggest writing.”


On his website Newcomen gives 10 reasons why we should read Rand, but I’ll spare you nine of them and give you the one that makes me wonder if Newcomen didn’t get a little too much carbon monoxide on his writing ride through 30 states: “Atlas Shrugged is the ‘second most influential book for Americans today’ after the Bible, according to a joint survey conducted by the Library of Congress and the Book of the Month Club.”

Wanting to determine just how selfishly Randian Newcomen was, I did a little carbon footprint calculation. Now, I don’t know what kind of vehicle he drove, but I assumed it would be some Ayn Rand would approve of, so I selected a 2005 four-wheel-drive automatic Rover. Based on that, Newcomen’s big writing assignment added just under 10 metric tons of carbon dioxide to the environment.

At least he spread it out over the entire country, I guess.

So, I give Nick Newcomen a D- for penmanship and an F for environmental wastefulness and selfishness worthy of John Galt.