Midterm Worm Turn

The NSA leaks were met with Republican indignation.
They said Edward Snowden was a disgrace to the nation.
They called him a spy,
But now they love the guy
For giving them cause to investigate the administration.

They first said Snowden’s leak was a defection,
But now they see his point, upon reflection.
He gave them insights
Into things that weren’t right,
And hey, just in time for the midterm elections!

Most Oppose NSA Anti-Terror Data-Collection Program


Disapprove of the government’s collection of telephone and internet data as part of anti-terrorism efforts, a new Pew Research poll finds, while 40% approve. Overall approval of the NSA’s data collection program has declined since last summer, when the story first broke based on Edward Snowden’s leaked information.”Today, 40% while 53% disapprove. In July, more Americans approved (50%) than disapproved (44%) of the program.”