Pelosi Says McCarthy is ‘Afraid’

“Kevin is playing politics. It’s not even clear if he constitutionally can expunge those things. If he wants to put his members in difficult races on the spot, that’s a decision he has to make. But this is not responsible. This is not about the flag still being there. This is about being afraid… Trump is the puppeteer, and what does he do all the time but shine a light on the strings? These people look pathetic.”

— Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), on CNN.

Graham: Pelosi Is Trump’s ‘Church of Holy Hell’

“I like Nancy Pelosi, I’ve known her for years. I think she is a very religious person. But when it comes to Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi may pray for him privately, but she’s orchestrated the church of holy hell. From the time Trump has been sworn in until now, it’s been one thing after another.”

— Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), on Fox News.

Pelosi Warns Senate Not to Be ‘Complicit’ in Trump’s Coverup

“The President and Sen. McConnell have run out of excuses. They must allow key witnesses to testify, and produce the documents Trump has blocked, so Americans can see the facts for themselves. The Senate cannot be complicit in the President’s cover-up.”

— Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s statement about John Bolton’s offer to testify in a Senate impeachment trial.