AR-15 Lapel Pins Are the Perfect Symbol for Today’s GOP

“Imagine members strutting around the corridors of Congress in late 2001 with a Boeing 747 lapel pin, or wearing a spiky replica of the coronavirus when New York City’s morgues were overflowing in the spring of 2020. Explain to me how worshiping an AR-15 — when the blood stains are still being scrubbed off a dance studio in Monterey Park, Club Q in Colorado Springs, or a bus in Charlottesville — is any different, really?”

— Will Bunch, commenting on the AR-15 lapel pins being worn by many Republican members of Congress.

There’s a New Rule Just for Lauren Boebert

“We have a new rule in the Rules Committee. If you’re batshit crazy, you’re not getting an amendment. I’m sorry. We’re not doing this. We’re not doing this. I’m not going down that road. I’m not going to be part of any effort to legitimize people who are f**king lunatics.”

— House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern (D-MA), who created a “new rule” on his committee for people like Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), Insider reports. When one of her “flurry of nonsensical amendments turned out to be reasonable,” McGovern blocked it from going to the House floor and a Republican committee member wanted to know why, according to Robert Draper’s new book, “Weapons of Mass Delusion.”