Donald Hires Foreign Workers for Mar-a-Lago

T. Caroline Taylor for Vanity Fair
T. Caroline Taylor for Vanity Fair

So much for his campaign rhetoric about giving U.S. jobs to Americans. The Donald requested permission from the U.S. Labor Department to hire 64 foreign workers in the United States on H-2B visas. Some positions will be paid less than last year, while others will see a 1 percent raise, reports the Palm Beach Post.


More Americans Want Trump to Focus on Healthcare First


Of Americans want Trump to focus on the healthcare system during his first 100 days in the White House, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll. Jobs took second place with 16% of Americans hoping it would be Trump’s first agenda item, while immigration came third – picked by 14% of Americans.

U.S. Economy Has Added More than 1 Million Jobs Since January

+1 million

Number of new jobs the U.S. economy has added so far in 2015, according to CNNMoney. In a good sign for people looking for work, the U.S. economy gained 280,000 jobs in May. Economists surveyed by CNNMoney projected there would only be 222,000 jobs gains. The unemployment rate ticked up slightly in May to 5.5%, according to the Labor Department. That increase is a sign that more people returned to look for work in May, economists say.

Democratic Support for Keystone XL Is About One, Not 42,000, Jobs

Hardened cynics, we will also note one job-related reason that this issue is even being discussed today. When Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D-La.) political position became obviously tenuous after Election Day, Senate Democrats quickly began pushing forward Keystone XL approval in the hopes that it would help her chances in next month’s runoff against Rep. Bill Cassidy (R). Between Election Day and December 6th, the economy will probably create over 200,000 jobs without the Senate doing anything. The question on Capitol Hill appears to be if the vote will save one short-term job: Landrieu’s.

— Philip Bump, writing on Washington Post’s The Fix political blog.

Unemployment Drops to 7.8% – Lowest Since Bush Era Economic Crash


Unemployment rate for September 2012, the lowest rate since the economy crashed at the end of the Bush administration. According to Atlantic Wire, “In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics made big revisions to data from previous months, showing huge increases in the number of jobs being created over the last three months. Total employment from the “household survey” also showed an increase of 873,000 jobs last month, the biggest one-month jump since June of 1983.”

Obama Has Created 863K Jobs in 2010, More Than Double Average Annual Creation under Bush


One of the most galling examples of Republican double-speak this year is their assertion on one hand that the government cannot create jobs — which is demonstrably false; states and cities hire private contractors to build and repair roads all the time, just as one example — and then on the other hand their habit of blaming Pres. Obama for the high unemployment and excoriating the government for not creating more jobs. Which is it?

“Bush … shows the worst track record for job creation since the government began keeping records.”
-Wall St. Journal

The GOP will keep making these mutually exclusive arguments until a) the corporate media catches on (so don’t hold your breath) or b) they take control of Congress in three weeks, at which point their corporate masters had better start hiring or Speaker Wanna-Be Boehner will find himself with an approval rating even lower than his current rating of 22 percent — a full 11 points lower than Speaker Pelosi’s.

Despite the high unemployment rate caused by the Bush Recession — and Republicans’ refusal to invest in state and local budgets to prevent teachers, police officers and other public sector employees from being laid off — Pres. Obama is doing a better job at job creation than Republicans and the corporate media will acknowledge, especially when compared with his predecessor, George Bush.

As of the end of September, Obama had created 863,000 private sector jobs this year:

Private-sector payroll employment increased in September for the ninth straight month (every month this year). The increase of 64,000 jobs last month brings the total number of private-sector jobs added this year to 863,000, which is the largest 9-month gain in private payroll employment since the summer of 2007 (see top chart above).

Obama’s record so far is more than double the 375,000 jobs created by Bush on average each year during his eight years in office. Here’s how the ultra-right wing Wall St. Journal described Bush’s record in job-creation: