GOP Adulterers Trump and Fiorina Have No Business Attacking Other People’s Marriages

Left:  Donald Trump with third wife, Melania, and their son, Barron; right: Carly Fiorina with second husband, Frank, on the campaign trail
Left: Donald Trump with third wife, Melania, and their son, Barron; right: Carly Fiorina with second husband, Frank, on the campaign trail

Given the Republican Party’s irresistible urge to poke their noses in the Clintons’ private lives — they spent millions of taxpayer dollars investigating the then-First Couple in the In the 1990s and then spent million more on a failed impeachment over a sex lie Bill told under oath — it is not surprising that the 2016 GOP candidates are raising Bill Clinton’s infidelities as a way to attack his wife.

Republicans also have a tendency to crow about the value of “traditional marriage” while simultaneously cheating on their spouses — we have been cataloging the hypocrisy of these GOP adulterers for the past decade.

Now we’re adding two more to the list.


Anti-Gay Gay Republican Outs Himself Via Grindr

That’s what gay guys do on gay sites, don’t they? That’s how things happen on Grindr. It’s a gay chat site. It’s not the first thing you do on that site. That’s what we do, exchange pics on the site.

— North Dakota State Rep. Randy Boehning (R), confirming he was “Top Man!” on Grindr and saying he doesn’t think sending a graphic photo of himself to a stranger is a lapse in judgment, as Grindr is an adult site where users often exchange such images, reported Mediaite. After Rep. Boehning voted against a bill that would have expanded anti-discrimination rights for LGBT citizens, the Fargo Forum published a front page featuring his photo and the photos of every representative who voted against the bill. Dustin Smith, a 21-year-old Bismarck resident, recognized Boehning as a Grindr user named “Top Man!” who’d been flirting with him for a year and sending him pictures, some with his face, and at least one dick pic.

Giuliani Proves That Patriotism Truly Is the Last Refuge of Draft-Dodging, Adulterous Scoundrels


Samuel Johnson said it 240 years ago: “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Rudolph Giuliani proved it last week at a fundraiser in New York for Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker when he exhumed commie-baiter Sen. Joe McCarthy by asserting that while he and Republican fatcats like himself were America-loving patriots, Pres. Obama and his family were not.

“I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say,” Giuliani said, “but I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”

In the media frenzy that ensued, Giuliani — who spent $50 million campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008 only to win just one (1) delegate to the Republican convention — embarked on a victory lap of right-wing media outlets during which he doubled down on his petty spitefulness.

That seemed to come to a halt yesterday when he issued a banal non-apology, which included this delicious tautology: “My bluntness overshadowed my message.” Bluntness was his message. After all, when you’re accusing the president of being anti-American, why be polite?


After Spending 20 Years Irreparably Dividing the Country, GOP Spin Doctor Frank Luntz Is Bummed That the Country Is Irreparably Divided

It’s amazing in the first place that an A-list Republican propagandist like Frank Luntz would allow himself to be profiled by a reporter who was not employed by a media outlet owned by one of his clients like, say, Rupert Murdoch. But he did, and the resulting article by Molly Ball in the Atlantic, “The Agony of Frank Luntz,” reveals Luntz to be, as Wonkette put it, “a clueless conservative asshole with the self-awareness of a rock”:


In Screed against Weiner and Spitzer, Pat Buchanan Whitewashes Reagan’s Adultery and Nancy’s Pre-Marital Pregnancy

The Reagans’ wedding photo: From left matron-of-honor Brenda Marshall, Ronald and Nancy Reagan and best man William Holden — Nancy was about two months pregnant when this photo was taken

In a post titled “Pat Buchanan’s caliphate,” P.M. Carpenter has some fun with Buchanan’s lambasting the decadent immorality of liberal pols like Anthony Wiener and Elliot Spitzer compared with what he views as the minor moral failures of good Christian Republicans like Ronald Reagan:

Just strike up the paleoconservative, theocratic band and for heaven’s sake “Consider how far we are along the path that liberalism,” [Buchanan writes in a post at a wingnut site], “equates with social and moral progress”:

Ronald Reagan was the first and is the only divorced and remarried man elected president. But the front-runner in the New York mayor’s race today quit Congress as a serial texter of lewd photos to anonymous women. The front-runner in the city comptroller’s race was “Client No. 9” in the prostitution ring of the convicted madam who is running against him

Leaving aside the fact that the office of mayor of New York cannot aptly be compared with the U.S. presidency, Buchanan left out the worst of Dear Leader Reagan’s personal moral failings, which were far worse by Buchanan’s standards than consorting with prostitutes and sending naughty text messages.


With Domenici’s Adultery Scandal, the C Street Christianist Cult Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Clockwise from the left: Michelle Laxalt in a recent photo, C Street cult headquarters on Capitol Hill, and Sen. Domenici in the 1970s

Former New Mexico Sen. Pete Domenici admitted yesterday that in 1979, when he was 46, he had an adulterous relationship with the 24-year-old daughter of his colleague, then Sen. Paul Laxalt of Nevada. In a statement also released yesterday, Laxalt’s daughter Michelle said that she became pregnant as a result of the encounter, which she described as a one-night stand and a “mistake.” She said she raised the son, Adam Laxalt, now 34 years old, as a single mother.

They believe that morality is a secular construct — that morality is something made by man for little people like us, and that if you are part of God’s chosen … morality, ethics, these things don’t apply to you.
– Jeff Sharlet

Domenici and the Laxalts are all Republicans.

By keeping their secret for all these years, as Lauren Ashburn at the Daily Beast pointed out, both Domenici, who retired in 2009 and is now 80, and Michelle Laxalt, 57, benefited.

Domenici — New Mexico’s longest-serving senator — was able to hold onto his career, including being reelected five times. Michelle Laxalt became a Washington lobbyist, head of the Laxalt Corporation, which she founded in 1984, when her son was about five years old. She also served as a staffer for Republican senators, including Ted Stevens and John Warner, and worked on the Reagan and Bush I and Bush II presidential campaigns.

Because of his extremist positions on morality, it’s likely Domenici’s career in politics would have ended if his extramarital dalliance had come to light. In the Daily Beast, Asburn points to examples of pols whose careers were recently stymied when their affairs were made public, including N.C. Sen. John Edwards, a Democrat, former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford and former Nevada Sen. John Ensign.

Both Sanford and Ensign are Republicans and, like Domenici, they are members of “the Family,” the infamous, high-powered Christianist cult that operates out of a house on C Street on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.


Lawyers for Dick Morris Threaten Rachel Maddow Because She Characterized the Amount of Money His SuperPAC Launders Through NewsMax As ‘Substantial’

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On MSNBC Friday night, Rachel Maddow reported that she had recently received a very stern letter from lawyers for Fox pundit Dick Morris who objected to a report by Maddow last month on Morris’ financial activities. In the report, Maddow described how Morris paid for advertising on the birther website NewsMax only to recoup the advertising fees when NewsMax rented’s mailing lists. The lawyers did not like the fact that Maddow had described the amount of money Morris laundered through NewsMax as “substantial.”


Rev. Grant Storms Caught In Flagrante Delicto with Rosie Palmer and Her Five Sisters

Grant Storms' booking photo.
Grant Storms' booking photo.
Fundamentalist Christian Rev. Grant Storms, the longtime leader of protests against New Orleans’ gay-pride festival, was caught masturbating in the parking lot of a playground in Metairie, La., Feb. 25, according to the Times-Picayune.

Storms, 53, of 2304 Green Acres Road in Metairie, was taken into custody at Lafreniere Park after two women reported seeing him masturbating in the driver’s seat of his van, which was parked near the carousel and playground, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office report said.

Storms told deputies he was having lunch at the park when he decided to urinate in a bottle instead of using the restroom. He was booked on obscenity charges, bond was set at $10,000, but he was released due to jail overcrowding.

A self-styled “Christian patriot,” Storms led a small West Bank congregation called The Reformer Church and for 10 years hosted “The Reformer Radio Show” on WSHO. Storms has railed against the Roman Catholic church, calling it “satanic” and “demonic.”

He is especially known for arming followers with bullhorns, Bibles and picket signs to protest Southern Decadence, the three-day gay festival held in the French Quarter during Labor Day weekend. Storms grabbed national attention in 2003 with his failed attempts to shut down what Southern Decadence organizer Chuck Robinson called a peaceful festival that celebrates gay and alternative lifestyles.

“He’s done everything through the years to disturb that and try to make it into something nasty that it’s not,” Robinson said. “If the Rev. Storms is caught doing that in our city, it is ludicrous and heinous that he would have the nerve to complain about any kind of sexuality.”