Repealing Obamacare Would Cost Government $137 Billion

$137 billion

What repealing the Affordable Care Act would cost the U.S. government over the next decade, according to a new CBO report. “The new report is the first federal assessment since the main provisions of the law took effect in 2014. It found that repealing the health-care law would increase deficits by $353 billion over 10 years. But after taking into account economic factors, including slightly larger workforce participation that would result from repealing the law, that amount would fall to $137 billion. … The analysis also concluded that repealing the health-care law would increase the number of uninsured Americans by 19 million in 2016.”

Lew Welcomes Lack of Budget, Fiscal Drama

It was an undramatic day. We didn’t have a discussion about a government shutdown. You didn’t hear concerns about the U.S. defaulting on its debt. We need to have a sustained, long period where we take that drama out of it, because, frankly, it wasn’t good for the U.S. or the global economy.

— Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, noting that on Oct. 1, the beginning of the new fiscal year, there was little, if any, notable conversation about the nation’s deficit or debt, In The Loop reported.