Scarborough ‘Embarrassed for’ Gillespie

“I’ve known Ed Gillespie for a long time. I’ve liked Ed Gillespie for a very long time… Smart guy, has always been an honorable guy. I’ll speak for myself, I’m embarrassed for him, and I’m ashamed for the Republican Party that he’s turned to Confederate monuments to try to win this thing in the end. I don’t know if it works for him or not.”

— Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe, about the Virginia governor’s race.

Northam Leads in Final Day Before VA Governor Race Is Decided

51% to 45%

A new Wason Center poll in Virginia finds Ralph Northam (D) leading Ed Gillespie (R) by six points, 51% to 45%. Allocating the undecided voters according to their historical pattern in Wason Center surveys of Virginia statewide elections indicates a Northam victory on Election Day, 51.3% to 46.8%. A new Fox News poll finds Northam leading Gillespie, 48% to 43%.