DeSantis Quotes Budweiser, Not Churchill, in Concession Speech

“Winston Churchill once remarked that, ‘Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.’ While this campaign has ended, the mission continues.”

— In a fitting end to what has been called the worst presidential campaign in modern times, Ron DeSantis ended his campaign as it started — ineptly — by misquoting Winston Churchill and instead quoting from a 1939 Budweiser advert, reports Pink News.

DeSantis Super PAC Cuts More Than a Half Million in TV Ads in Iowa and News Hampshire


“Never Back Down, the super PAC supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s presidential bid, cut more than $530,000 in reserved time on broadcast television stations in Iowa and New Hampshire on Friday in what the group said was a shift in strategies following the second Republican debate,” Bloomberg reports.

DeSantis Campaign — Not Much of a Reset

“For a campaign that promised allies a new approach while shedding staff amid a cash crunch and declining poll numbers, the meet-and-greet with homebuilders was just one of a string of events in Iowa and New Hampshire in recent days that were distinctive less for any change in DeSantis’ tack than for the appearance of waning interest in his candidacy. … At least at the outset, DeSantis has reset in name only.”

NBC News

Is DeSantis in a Death Spiral?

“The bad DeSantis news doesn’t mean he’s dead. But he’s entered a familiar cycle that often ends in collapse: A candidate is hyped up as a top contender, struggles in the polls, and then scrambles to reset a flagging campaign as donors and voters alike parse every move for signs of weakness — or strength. … Donors are a key group for DeSantis, who is more reliant on big Republican money than Trump. And while the weekend shakeup placated some, it’s caused others to grow even more uneasy.”


DeSantis’ Money Woes

$7.9 million

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis tapped out top donors and burned through $7.9 million in his first six weeks as a presidential candidate,“ NBC News reports. “The numbers suggest, for the first time, that solvency could be a threat to DeSantis’ campaign, which has touted its fundraising ability as a key measure of viability. They reflect the broader reality that DeSantis stalled after his launch: polling ahead of the Republican primary pack but far behind former President Donald Trump.”