MAGA NC Senate to State Residents: Wear a Mask, Go to Jail

The South Carolina-ification of North Carolina rolls on

U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC)
U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC)

During the Covid pandemic, Republican politicians desperately tried to downplay and disparage the crisis in order to protect Pres. Trump from political damage over his dangerously incompetent handling of the crisis. It appears that their political malfeasance backfired, however, because Covid killed many more Republicans – who bought into the GOP’s anti-mask and anti-medical science campaign – than Democrats who followed doctors’ advice and wore masks and took other precautions.

Post-pandemic analyses found that Republicans died in greater numbers across the country, and researchers at Yale University who studied Covid mortality in two ruby red states, Florida and Ohio, found that “the excess death rate among Republican voters was 43 percent higher than the excess death rate among Democratic voters. The gap in excess death rates between Republican and Democratic voters was larger in counties with lower vaccination rates…”

It was puzzling then that the GOP was systematically killing off older party members, it’s most reliable voters. Party leaders addressed this tragic disparity back then, predictably, by first lying about and then by ignoring it.

Now the North Carolina Senate has decided that when the next pandemic comes, no one in the state will survive, irrespective of party. In a ham-fisted and short-sighted attempt to prevent protesters from wearing Covid masks to hide their identities, the Senate has voted to ban wearing masks in public for any reason, from disease prevention to, let’s assume, trick or treating at Halloween. How this law will be enforced in the nation’s ninth largest state remains to be seen. The Hill reports that:

GOP Is Paying Their Followers to Get Sick and Die

Axios: “Republican officials around the country are testing a creative mechanism to build loyalty with unvaccinated Americans while undermining Biden administration mandates: unemployment benefits.

Driving the news: Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee have changed their unemployment insurance rules to allow workers who are fired or quit over vaccine mandates to receive benefits.

The big picture: Extending unemployment benefits to the unvaccinated is just the latest in a series of proposals aligning the GOP with people who won’t get a COVID shot.”