‘Assume David Duke Had to Wash His Sheets’

Pensito Review publisher, managing editor, and all-around senior person Jon Ponder took up my call to email David Ford, ABC News spokesperson, who is defending the network’s decision to include disgraced blogger Andrew Breitbart in their election night coverage. In a missive with the subject line, “Assume David Duke had to wash his sheets Tuesday night,” Jon emailed:

It is simply appalling that ABC News is giving a platform to Andrew Breitbart on election night. By his words and deeds, this man is a racist provocateur and should be shunned by decent people. Elevating him this way says more about ABC News — it frankly reeks of desperation — than it does about him.

If ABC News was hoping for a boycott on Tuesday night, and all the publicity that comes with it, I hope you get your wish.

Hopefully, this will inspire you to send Ford a piece of your own mind.

Update It worked! See update here.