Bachmann Pushes Corn Dog Envelope


So I took a fair amount of heat for suggesting that Michele Bachmann might not want to wear a plunging neckline that exposes lots of her chestal area while working crowds. You know, all that leaning forward to shake hands, pinch baby cheeks, and squeeze the shoulders of wheelchair users and what-not.

But we are now entering unimagined territory. A FOOT-LONG CORN DOG? Really, Michele Bachmann? And we are supposed to gaze at this action shot and simply say, “Huh. Looks like a good corn dog. That’s all I see.”

O.K., I’ll try to only see a corn dog and not see a person with a serious lack of imagination about how a foot-long corn dog being inserted into a woman’s open mouth while she reaches to grasp it with two hands might look. I will also try not to see a person who should never, ever, ever be president.