Franken: This is the Free Speech Issue of Our Time

It’s time to stop tuning out the issue of net neutrality, which very simply means that everything you access online has an equal chance of — and speed in — reaching you. The very fact that corporations like Comcast want to change the rules of access to the wonders of the internet is enough to show that there is much at stake. It boils down to huge profit for them, and the loss of the internet as we know it for us.

We already pay the Comcasts of the world for internet access. So do those who provide content online (like Pensito Review). So they are already being paid twice but at least once their basic price is met, there is equal access by you, the reader, to sites, and by sites to you. If they get the changes they want, sites like PR will be cast into the slow lane, while Netflix and whoever pays the “premium” (i.e., extortion money) is catapulted into the fast lane.

Everyone has a favorite little site they like, even if they do spend a lot of time on Buzzfeed or HuffPo or Facebook. If you don’t want Comcast and other providers deciding what your online experience will be like, and how difficult it will be to get to your favorite little site, support net neutrality at