Disqualifying Trump Is a Step Too Far

“To deny the voters the chance to elect the candidate of their choice is a Rubicon-crossing event for the judiciary. It would be seen forever by tens of millions of Americans as a negation of democracy. It is not enough that their belief is plausibly wrong or likely wrong. It must be incontrovertibly wrong to support such a momentous step. … I suspect the Supreme Court – which is more a political body than a legal body in major issues like this – will blanche at taking such a step, and I think that judgment would be correct.”

Jonathan Chait

Colorado Voters Canceling Voter Registration to Protect Privacy


“Nearly 3,400 Coloradans canceled their voter registrations in the wake of the Trump administration’s request for voter info, the Secretary of State’s Office confirmed Thursday, providing the first statewide glimpse at the extent of the withdrawals,” the Denver Post reports.“The 3,394 cancellations represent a vanishingly small percentage of the electorate — 0.09 percent of the state’s 3.7 million registered voters. But the figure is striking nonetheless, with some county election officials reporting that they’ve never seen anything quite like it in their careers.”

The Ten Senate Races Democrats Are Most Likely to Win in 2016

We’re not yet halfway through 2015 but the 2016 race for control of the U.S. Senate is starting to take shape. This week The Hill ranked the 10 most competitive races — and since then there has been a development in the race The Hill listed as likely to be the easiest pickup for Democrats.

Yesterday former Sen. Russ Feingold, the Democratic incumbent who was unseated by current Sen. Ron Johnson in 2010, announced he was entering the race. Johnson, a tea partyist, won by 5 percentage points in the tea party’s anti-Obamacare wave election after spending millions of his own money. The Hill quotes him as saying he won’t self-fund this year — which only means he’ll rely on his wealthy cronies to spend unlimited money anonymously to fund his campaign. The Hill cited a poll by PPP taken before Feingold’s announcement that found Feingold with 50 percent support against Johnson’s 41 percent. Wisconsin has voted for the Democratic candidate in every presidential cycle since 1984.

Within hours after Feingold’s announcement, Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts endorsed him, according to an email sent by the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee.

The Hill’s other nine most-competitive races are:


Bloomberg Calls Legalizing Pot ‘Stupid’

What are we going to say in 10 years when we see all these kids whose IQs are 5 and 10 points lower than they would have been? I couldn’t feel more strongly about it, and my girlfriend says it’s no different than alcohol. It is different than alcohol. This is one of the stupider things that’s happening across our country.

— Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, blasting Colorado’s decision to legalize marijuana as stupid, the Aspen Times reports.

White Terrorist Suspect Sought in Bombing of NAACP Offices


Agents from the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were in Colorado Springs yesterday collecting evidence at the scene of a mid-morning bomb attack on the local NAACP office there yesterday. According to local media accounts, witnesses saw a balding, middle-aged white man fleeing the scene in an old white pickup truck.


Answers to Jim Crow Civics Literacy Test Sample Questions

Here are the answers to the Alabama voters’ literacy test sample questions, circa 1964:

“B” Questions

Prospective voters would be required to answer four questions like these:

1. What body can try impeachments of the president of the United States? [Senate]

2. Check the applicable definition of “responsibility”:
A duty [x]
– A speech
– A failure

3. Name the attorney general of the United States. [Then: acting A.G. Nicholas Katzenbach; now: Eric Holder]

4. Women may now serve on juries in Alabama state courts. [True]

5. Can the president of the United States be impeached? [Yes]

6. Check the applicable definition for “representative”:
– Agreement between states
Person chosen to act for others [x]
– Good character

7. FBI stands for [Federal Bureau of Investigation]

8. Each county in Alabama may decide by whether or not it will have legalized sale [sic] of alcoholic beverages. [True]

9. Can the president of the United States be removed from office for conviction of bribery? [Yes]

10. Check the applicable definition for “treaty”:
Agreement between nations [x]
– A tax
– A written oration

11. Name the man who is nationally known for heading the Federal Bureau of Investigation for many years. [Then: J. Edgar Hoover; now: Robert Mueller]

12. What officer is designated by the Constitution to be the president of the Senate of the United States? [Vice President]

13. Can you be imprisoned under Alabama law for a debt? [No]

14. In addition to becoming a U.S. citizen by birth, a person may become a citizen by:
– Immigration
Naturalization [x]
– Voting

15. Name one person by name or title who is part of the judicial branch of government in Alabama. [Then: Chief Justice Livingston; now: Sue Bell Cobb]
16. The first sentence of the United States Constitution is called the Preamble. [True]

“C” Questions

Prospective voters would be required to answer four questions like these:

1. If a person charged with treason denies his guilt, how many persons must testify against him before he can be convicted? [Two]

2. At what time of day on January 20 each four years does the term of the president of the United States end? [12 noon]

3. If the president does not wish to sign a bill, how many days is he allowed in which to return it to Congress for reconsideration? [10]

4. If a bill is passed by Congress and the president refuses to sign it and does not send it back to Congress in session within the specific period of time, is the bill defeated or does it become law? [It becomes law unless Congress adjourns before the expiration of 10 days]

5. If a person seeks to search your home, what kind of paper must he have before you are compelled to allow him to do so? [Search warrant]

6. If the United States wishes to purchase land for an arsenal and have exclusive legislative authority over it, consent is required from [Legislature].

7. Prior to the adoption of the United States Constitution, the organization of states was known as the [Confederation].

8. Tribunals are [courts].

9. Can the state coin money with the consent of Congress? [No]

10. Name one area of authority over state militia reserved exclusively to the states. [The appointment of officers]

11. The power of granting patents, that is, the securing to inventors the exclusive right to their discoveries, is given to the Congress for the purpose of [promoting progress].

12. The only legal tender which may be authorized by states for payment of debts is [U.S. currency].

13. In what year did the Congress gain the right to prohibit the migration of persons to the states? [1808]

14. Who is the commander-in-chief of the army and navy of the United States? [The president]

15. Which of the Parts above, of the United States Constitution deals with the federal government’s authority to call the state militia into federal service? [Part 1]

16. The president is forbidden to exercise his authority of pardon in cases of [impeachment].