NV Sen: Tea Bagger Endorsed by Joe the Plumber Leads ‘Chicken Lady’ in GOP Race to Challenge Harry Reid

Poll Also Shows That Sen. Reid Leads All Republican Candidates for the First Time

Earlier this year, Republicans announced they were targeting three “trophy” Senate seats — the seats formerly held by Pres. Obama in Illinois and Vice Pres. Biden in Delaware, as well as the Nevada seat currently held by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

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The Delaware seat is likely to flip to Rep. Mike Castle, a liberal Republican, but Rep. Mark Kirk, the GOP candidate in Illinois, is having trouble, most of which stems from his service as a commander in the Naval Reserves. Not only has he been caught lying about his military record, his recent vote in favor of the military’s anti-gay “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy prompted a Washington blog editor to out him.

Now it appears Republicans may have gloated too soon about picking up Nevada. A new poll finds that now Reid leads all Republican opponents for the first time, and one-time frontrunner Sue Lowden has taken a major hit in the wake of nationwide ridicule of her proposal that the United States health-care crisis could be resolved by bartering medical services for live chickens: