Limbaugh Annihilated for Lying, Cluelessness, Being Un-American by an Unusual Source: Motor Trend Magazine

photo-voltWhen you consider that Republicans in the Senate are set to kill the START treaty — which would, among other things, enable tracking down and securing of loose nukes and thus make the world a safer place — not on principle but solely for the partisan political purpose of denying a diplomatic success for Pres. Obama, it is not surprising that Rush Limbaugh went to great lengths to try to undercut an honor recently given GM’s new Chevrolet Volt.

What sticks in the craw of Republicans like Limbaugh is the fact that the Obama administration’s bailout of GM has been a resounding success. They can’t stand the fact that just this month, GM — which Limbaugh and his ilk sneered at as “Government Motors” after the bailout was announced — marketed its first IPO since the federal government saved it from extinction.

(And it must kill them to know that at least one of their party’s foreign funders couldn’t resist buying into the IPO. Muslim Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia, who owns a $2.3 billion stake in News Corp., the parent company of the GOP Fox channel, invested $500 million in GM to buy a 1 percent share of its stock, according to the Wall St. Journal, which he and News Corp. also own.)

But what really has Limbaugh freaking out is the fact that the Volt has been named Motor Trend’s 2011 Car of the Year, a prestigious award from a reputable, nonpartisan and unassailable authority. In Limbaugh’s dark world, nothing that reflects well on the president can be permitted to stand. Even if the honor otherwise celebrates American ingenuity and know-how, if it benefits Barack Obama, no matter how indirectly, it can not be allowed to go untarnished.

So it is not a surprise that upon learning about the Motortrend award, Limbaugh rushed to his microphone and unleashed a particularly vile screed, smearing GM, the Volt, energy conservation, Motor Trend and, of course, the president with lies, disinformation and Republican propaganda.

What is surprising is how vigorously and aggressively Motor Trend has responded to Limbaugh’s lies and spin. Here’s a perhaps too-lengthy excerpt from the column by Todd Lassa titled, Rush to Judgment: