Clinton Super Pac to Spend $6 Million on TV Ads Aimed at Minorities

$6 million

Amount Priorities USA, Hillary Clinton’s top super PAC, is spending on TVads targeting Latino and African-American voters, CNN reports. “The super PAC has joined with The Latino Victory Project, El Super Pac Voto Latino and People for the American Way’s Latinos Vote! to air more than $3 million worth of Spanish language TV and radio ads in Florida and Nevada, the groups announced on Wednesday.”

Clinton Campaign Reserves $80 Million in TV Advertising

$80 million

Amount the Clinton campaign has reserved in TV advertising “Hillary Clinton across eight key states in coming months in Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania, the Washington Post reports. “The Trump campaign, by contrast, launched its first general-election TV ad last week, saying it planned to spend $4.8 million on a 10-day buy in four states: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.”

Real Trump Supporters Vet Fake Trump Ads

It’s become clear by this point in the presidential campaign that voters who support Donald Trump are inured to his most outrageous proposals and ridiculous policy positions. But how inured are they? Triumph the Insult Comic Dog explores that question in a series of focus groups testing potential TV ads.

Of course, to date, Trump has spent $00.00 on television advertising while the networks have given him $2 billion worth of free coverage, so it’s unlikely he’ll shell out for these ads — unless he has another week like the last one …

Voters Report Seeing Phantom Trump Ads


“Of voters in a recent survey said they had seen TV ads supporting Donald Trump in the last week. There’s just one problem: His campaign hasn’t aired any, and his friendly super PACs have run very few,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “Meanwhile, 52% of respondents said they had seen an ad promoting Democrat Hillary Clinton—just six percentage points more than the proportion who said they had spotted Trump ads.”

Clinton Outspending Trump 15 to 1 on Advertising

$57 million

Amount Hillary Clinton and her allies have spent “so far in the general election — $25 million coming from the campaign and another $32 million from pro-Clinton Super PACs. By comparison, Team Trump has aired $3.6 million in ads, with all of the spending from two outside groups.”Donald Trump and his backers over the airwaves by a 15-to-1 margin,” NBC News reports.

Tell Chuck DeVore Barbara Boxer Is Real, ‘Jack Bauer’ Is Not

Chuck DeVore, the conservative Republican trying to unseat Calif. Sen. Barbara Boxer in the midterms, has one of the stupidest campaign commercials ever.

For one thing, he’s cornier than the tea baggers, and while I’m sure he means it to be a joke, he seems to treat “Jack Bauer,” Keifer Sutherland’s character on the TV show “24” as if he were a real person.

Plus, it has video of him mowing his lawn and audio of him getting shot at by Syrians in Israel, and as much other self-serving, gratuitous crapola that can be dumped into a 3.5-minute video.