CA AG: GOP’s Steve Cooley Gets $1 Mil Ad Buy from Ed Gillespie, Big Tobacco, Big Insurance. Why?

Kamala Harris, Democrat for California Attorney General
Kamala Harris, Democrat for California Attorney General
Results from the latest Los Angeles Times poll suggest that the Democratic base — particularly women, Latinos and liberals — is coming home and ready to elect Jerry Brown governor and reelected Sen. Barbara Boxer.

There is one significant outlier in the poll, however:

Los Angeles County Dist. Atty. Steve Cooley, a Republican, holds a narrow lead over Democratic opponent Kamala Harris [@kamalaharris] in the contentious race for California attorney general, aided greatly by voter support on his usually Democratic home turf…

The survey showed that Harris, the San Francisco district attorney, has thus far failed to captivate the Democratic stronghold of Los Angeles County, home to one out of every four registered voters in California and a near must-win for any Democrat running statewide.

Cooley, a veteran prosecutor seen largely as a moderate Republican, has won three D.A. elections in Los Angeles County, where Democrats outnumber Republicans almost two to one.

In the survey, Cooley held a 42 percent-33 percent advantage over Harris among likely voters in the county. Statewide, he had a 40 percent-35 percent edge among likely voters, according to the survey.

The biggest remaining wild card in the race is a large pool of undecided voters; 17 percent of the likely voters still have not made up their minds, the poll found — a common occurrence in the “down ballot” races. In the governor’s race, by comparison, only 4 percent of likely voters were undecided, according to the poll.

What makes this alarming is not so much the fact that Cooley is a Republican as it is the company he keeps: