Calbuzz: ‘Why Isn’t Darrell Issa in Jail?’

Calbuzz, a go-to site for the inside dope on California politics, has been covering the corrupt and checkered political career of Rep. Darrell Issa since it began 15 years ago. Now Calbuzz asks a simple question: “Why Isn’t Darrell Issa in Jail?”

[We] keep wondering why our colleagues in the Washington press corps have not figured out the truth about this guy: he’s a thug…

Issa is a wealthy bully and proven liar with a checkered personal history featuring criminal and civil legal proceedings that involve car thefts, concealed weapons charges and allegations of insurance arson, among his other sterling qualifications for high office. A reasonable man might imagine a less wealthy person perched in Stony Lonesome rather than on the dais of a prestigious and powerful congressional committee.

None of Issa’s past, um, indiscretions are a secret, at least since May 1998, when Lance Williams, then of the San Francisco Examiner, began reporting on the guy. Given that his shady past was admirably re-collated by Ryan Lizza in a 2011 New Yorker profile, Issa’s lies and prominent roles in a long train of extra-legal abuses should be well known to esteemed Washington press hounds who spend their days smooching his expensively draped derriere.

The Calbuzzers provide a “Cliff’s Notes” sampler of Issa’s misdeeds. Here are four items from the list, go read the rest.