Don’t Spare Us, Charlie!

“Perhaps I was too subtle. In yesterdays’ newsletter, I called Bill Barr a ‘serial lying twat,’ insisted that no one buy his book, and concluded with a clarion call to ‘f*ck Bill Barr.’ … Even so, it seems that some readers (I assume very casual readers) imagined that I was too soft on him. … So, lest there be any lingering ambiguity, let me make it clear that I think — and have long thought — that Barr is the very embodiment of the moral and intellectual rot in in the Republican Party.”

Charlie Sykes

Trump, Barr Had ‘Animated Talk’ about Horowitz Report on Russia Investigation Origins

Donald Trump and his sycophantic attorney general Bill Barr had an “animated talk” in the Oval Office Thursday night, according to a pool report from the White House Press Corps. Two sources told CNN that the topic of the heated exchange was Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s imminent report on the origins of the FBI’s investigation into Russian support for Trump’s 2016 campaign.