Advocates for Canada’s Keystone Pipeline Rely on the ‘Stupidity of American Voters’

Route of Canada's proposed Keystone XL pipeline through the United States
Route of Canada’s proposed Keystone XL pipeline through the United States

A bill to enable construction of Canada’s Keystone XL pipeline across the American Heartland failed by one vote, 59-41, in the Senate yesterday. Although the lameduck Democratic leadership put the bill up for vote in quixotic hopes of helping Sen. Mary Landrieu win her runoff election against tea partyist Bill Cassidy in Louisiana, all the “no” votes came from Democrats.

Republicans vow to bring Keystone up for a vote again when they take control of Congress next year. And while polls are on their side at the moment, support for their position appears to be slipping. A Pew poll released this week found that 59 percent of Americans support building the pipeline — but support is down from 66 percent in March 2013.


Vote on Ending Big Oil’s Government Handout Came Down to the Math

  • Since Obama became president, my dog’s hip dysplasia has gotten worse.
  • Since Obama became president, my car’s value has decreased.
  • Since Obama became president, violence in Syria has skyrocketed.
  • Since Obama became president, all kinds of sh*t has happened.

How about it? What else has changed over three years that we can blame on Obama? Anybody?

Back here in Realityland, we are amazed at the low-information people who eat up this post hoc mess, produced by the American Energy Alliance. The AEA is a lobbying group opposed to Obama’s plan to discontinue government subsidies for the richest industry in the world, which quit needing government subsidies in the days before Jed Clampett became a millionaire.