Biden’s Default Win — It Coulda Been Worse

“Let’s be clear, this is shitty public policy foisted on the nation by a radical Republican House willing to blow up the economy and cause millions of jobs to vanish. Efforts to deal with deficits that do not include asking the wealthy and corporations to pay what they owe are cruel and wholly unserious. The tightening of access to aid for the most vulnerable Americans serves no purpose other than performative cruelty to appease the MAGA base. … But this could have been way worse in so many ways. The devil is very much in the details, but it seems like President Biden and his team outplayed McCarthy.”

Dan Pfeiffer

Biden Wins Electoral College with 302 Votes


By casting their electoral votes, California’s electors pushed Joe Biden’s tally to 302 — well above the 270 needed to win.
The final four electoral votes will be cast for Biden later tonight by Hawaii’s electors. Congress will meet on January 6 in a joint session to formally accept the results. The interactive electoral map shows the final tally.