NABTU Gives Biden Major Union Endorsement


“Joe Biden will land a major union endorsement Wednesday from North America’s Building Trades Unions, whose leaders say the president has his infrastructure bill largely to thank for it,” CNN reports. “In making one of their earliest ever presidential endorsements, NABTU leaders are kickstarting an eight-figure organizing program to try to deliver their 250,000 members in the battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin for Biden.”

Biden Calls Trump ‘Weak and Desperate’

President Biden’s campaign slammed Donald Trump as “weak and desperate – both as a man and a candidate for president.” The statement continued: “He spent the weekend golfing, the morning comparing himself to Jesus, and the afternoon lying about having money he definitely doesn’t have. His campaign can’t raise money, he is uninterested in campaigning outside his country club, and every time he opens his mouth, he pushes moderate and suburban voters away with his dangerous agenda.” It concludes: “America deserves better than a feeble, confused, and tired Donald Trump.”

Nearly a Fifth of Americans Believe Taylor Swift Conspiracy Theory


A new Monmouth poll finds that 18% of Americans believe that Taylor Swift is part of a covert effort to help President Biden win the 2024 election.Fully 71% of those who believe this identify with or lean toward the Republican Party and 83% indicate they are likely to support Donald Trump in the fall. Also, 73% of those who believe the Swift conspiracy also believe the 2020 election outcome was fraudulent. On a less sinister note, 68% of the American public approves of Swift encouraging her fans to vote in the upcoming election.

Biden Changing Up Approach to Speaking About Trump


Brian Beutler: “Much of the speech’s success—what makes it stand out from Biden’s earlier comments—is that he’s shaken off the dated political tic of speaking obliquely or in code or by implication about his opponent. On Friday, instead of naming Donald Trump zero times, he referred to him 44 times by name. … This kind of literalism isn’t just cathartic, it’s how the processes of forgetting and desensitization can be arrested and reversed.”

The Biden Campaign Doesn’t Need Adam Kinzinger

“I’ve been out there saying there’s no way Donald Trump can win, I’ll vote for Joe Biden over Donald Trump, democracy is so important. You know how many calls or outreaches I have gotten from the Biden campaign? Guess. It’s zero.”

— Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) told John Avlon on CNN that despite his warnings against Donald Trump, he’s never been contacted by the Biden campaign.