A Good One on April 1

Over the past few months, my administration has received a lot of recognition for our bipartisan approach to governance. It seems to me that approach is something that is desperately lacking in Washington, D.C. So after much encouragement and reflection, I’ve come to the decision today to announce my candidacy for the president of the United States.

— Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R), quoted by the Baltimore Sun, before noting it was April Fool’s Day.

Headlines We’d Like to See When It’s Not April Fool’s Day

Google's April Fool's offering

Tis the season, or at least the day, for a little fakery, so here are some headlines that are too good to be true, even though we wish they were.

  • Dennis Rodman Promises to Stay Home and Never Visit Anywhere Again
  • Sen. Marco Rubio Announces Immigration Reform Planning to Begin “Within His Lifetime”
  • Media Sources Pass One Whole Week Without Commenting on Michelle Obama’s Hair or Dress
  • Tea Party Leader Explains The Entire Movement is All About Race
  • “Plots Involving Vampires All Used Up,” Hollywood Studios Say
  • Sarah Palin Tragedy: Chokes on Big Gulp, Trips Over Teleprompter, Lands in Coma
  • Fracking Outlawed After Oil Companies Apologize: “We Couldn’t Believe You Let Us Take It This Far. Sorry.”
  • Scientists Discover Link Between Increased Sugar Consumption and Weight Loss
  • House Republicans Push Assault Weapons Ban

O.K., that gets us started. Please add your own April Fool’s headline in the comments.

Note to my fellow editors: Please add yours in the post.