Pensito Review About to Break Into Top Million Web Sites

WORLD WIDE WEB — Pensito Review continues its meteoric rise in popularity among intelligent, thoughtful readers, according to a recent Alexa assessment of Web sites that use the Alexa toolbar, coming in with a three-month average traffic ranking of 1,113,337 among all Web sites. That rank reflects both the number of users who visit the site and the number of pages on the site viewed by those users.

On a one-week average, Pensito Review scored a traffic ranking of 871,280, attributable to its increasing popularity. The three-month average ranking is lower, but the site has only been operational for four months, noted a well-known expert who commented on condition of anonymity.

Alexa also found that on a weekly average, Pensito Review’s reach (expressed as a percentage of all Web users) was 1.5 per million.

According to World Internet Stats, there are currently 889 million Internet users worldwide. Given that, the Alexa reach measurement gives Pensito Review 1,335 readers based on the weekly average reach. That compares favorably with site traffic, as monitored by the Pensito Review editorial/IT staff.

“Yesterday, we had 815 individual sessions (unique visits) so the spam bots aren’t really having that much effect on our numbers,” said Editor-In-Chief/IT Czar Jon Pensito. “Nonetheless, our daily average visits are up over last month — 1,456 so far in July as opposed to 1,299 in June.”

To put this rapid rise in traffic in context, Technorati counted 7.8 million weblogs as of March 2005, which places Pensito Review in the 86th percentile among all blogs.

Technorati also found that the number of blogs is doubling every five months, and 30,000 to 40,000 blogs are created each day.

“Despite this incredible daily rise in competition, we remain committed to making Pensito Review the best danged weblog on the Internet,” said Editor/Jeb Stalker Trish Pensito. “We are dedicated to remaining spiteful, insightful and oh, so delightful.”