‘Tis the Season to Add to the Landfill


Percent increase in solid waste disposal during the holidays. From giving parties to wrapping and unwrapping gifts and discarding their packaging, to traveling and the attendant bottled water and snack containers that go along with travel, to tossing old stuff that new stuff replaced…Americans throw away about one-quarter more at this time of year compared with the rest of it.

New Poll Refudiates Palin’s Boast About Beating Obama


Number of points by which Pres. Obama would lead Sarah Palin were the 2012 election held today, according to a new NBC/Wall St. Journal poll. Despite the reality star’s recent boast that she could beat Obama, 55 percent of those surveyed said they would support the president, while only 33 percent would vote for Palin. The number refudiates Palin’s claim, and represents a surge toward Obama, since a poll earlier this month gave him only 8 points over the former partial-term governor.

Unemployment Continues to Fall — Ahead of House Republican Majority


Number of new unemployment claims submitted last week, making it two weeks in a row that new claims dropped. The figure needs to get to about 400,000 to declare a recovery but at its height during the past year, 500,000 claims were the norm. The incoming Republicans in the House will no doubt claim credit for the recovery already in progress.

Palin’s Prez Chances Slim


Share of Americans who believe Sarah Palin could win a presidential campaign, while 60% think she would lose and 12% aren’t sure. More troubling for Palin: Just 48% of Republicans think she could win, while 37% think she would not and 15% have no opinion, according to a Public Policy Polling survey.