Tea Bag Leader: I ‘Absolutely’ Would Abolish Social Security


On CNN’s Larry King Live last night, King interviewed two top tea baggers, Dana Loesch and Wayne Allyn Root. When asked about health-care reform, Loesch and Root criticized the new law as being “unprecedented” and “unconstitutional.” King made the point that Social Security is mandatory, and asked if tea baggers would “do away with” it,too. “I would, yes,” said Loesch. Root said he’d rather invest his retirement money.

KING: Would anyone turn away Social Security now? Would you do away with it?

LOESCH: I would, yes.

KING: You would?

LOESCH: Yes, absolutely.

KING: Would do you away with it, Wayne?

ROOT: I’d certainly like to. At best, I do away with it because I could find better ways to spend and save my own $15,000 a year.

Majority of Uninsured Voters Are Registered Independents

Gallup: Most people assume that the health care reform law would mostly benefit Democrats, but new polling finds that among the uninsured, 31 percent are Democrats, 17 percent are GOPs and 48% are independents.

Gallup’s analysis:

Given this finding from Gallup Daily tracking in March, passing health-care legislation did not merely cater to the Democrats’ base, but could potentially expand it among the uninsured themselves, who may now have more reason to support Democrats. Gallup polling immediately after the health care vote found 58 percent of uninsured Americans, compared with 45 percent of insured Americans, favoring the bill.

Tanning Booth Tax in Health Care Reform Law to Take Effect This Year

Business Week:

Let’s call it the “Boehner Tax” on indoor tanning salons. The 10 percent surcharge goes into effect in July.

Other changes include:

Insurers who offer dependant coverage for children must continue to make that coverage available for children under 26 if they aren’t married, the legislation says.

In 2014, employers with more than 50 employees will be required to provide health coverage and most people will be required to have health insurance, Harris said in his report.

A tax on high-cost “Cadillac” policies won’t go into effect until 2018. The insurance industry also faces about $60 billion in additional fees under the health bill through 2018, and more beyond, though it was able to postpone the levy until 2014.

James Cameron Calls Glenn Beck a ‘Fucking Asshole’

Pop Eater: And he should know.

The ‘Avatar’ director lashed out at FOX News’ increasingly influential star at a press conference supporting the DVD release of his hit film, but the mood got dark when he was asked about Beck. “Glenn Beck is a f*****g a**hole. I’ve met him. He called me the anti-Christ and not about ‘Avatar.’ He hadn’t even seen ‘Avatar’ yet. I don’t know if he has seen it.”

The famously blunt Oscar winner was likely referring to Beck’s reaction to his 2007 documentary ‘The Lost Tomb of Jesus,’ which casts doubt on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Later, Cameron toned down the rhetoric while further discussing Beck: “I think, you know what, he may or may not be an a**hole, but he certainly is dangerous, and I’d love to have a dialog with him.”

When asked to expand on why he believes Beck is dangerous, he explained, “Because his ideas are poisonous.”

“I couldn’t believe when he was on CNN. I thought, what happened to CNN? Who is this guy? Who is this madman? And then, of course, he wound up on Fox News, which is where he belongs, I guess.”

CA Senate Primary: Carly Fiorina’s Demon Sheep Ad Produces Surge in Donations for GOP Rival

San Francisco Chronicle:

Campbell told KPCC’s Patt Morrison Friday afternoon that he thought the ad is “exceptionally nasty.”

“But what makes it a news story is that it’s so awful, so over the top, that it actually helps me,” Campbell told the SoCal public radio host. “The result is the greatest day of contributions on line at Campbell.org. in the entire campaign.”

As we’ve told you before, Teacher Tom the mild-mannered professor doesn’t like smacking down opponents. Way back when — nearly a month ago now — when Tom was running for Guv, he would refuse to say his opponents names when saying something even minorly critical of them.

“An attack ad is kind of unfortunate,” Campbell said. “You just don’t expect to be attacked in such a truly bizarre way, and you don’t expect it to help you.”

“It turned into quite a successful campaign ad for me,” he said.