MAGA Senator Introduces Bill to Create Pregnancy Database

A baby step closer to Gilead

Sen Katie Britt introduces MOMS Act
Sen. Britt in her cringe-worthy promotional video for the MOMS Act (Click to view video)

In a follow-up to her disastrous response to Pres. Biden’s barnburner 2024 State of the Union speech, Sen. Katie Britt (MAGA-AL) has introduced a bill that would use federal resources both to discourage abortion and to create a database of pregnant people.

The More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed Act (MOMS Act) provides online pregnancy resources through a new website,, but it also funds anti-abortion organizations and offers no resources on abortion.

Users of can opt to have their contact information compiled into a federal pregnancy database. The government may use the data to “conduct outreach via phone or email” to share “additional resources that would be helpful.”

But critics fear that the government database may be used to discouraged abortion. Troy Matthews at Meidas Touch News suggested that, “It’s very likely the government staffer that follows up with the website users will also be tasked with pressuring them out of seeking proper healthcare if it involves an abortion.”

Britt was famously caught lying during her MAGA State of the Union rebuttal. She claimed she met with a woman who was sex trafficked in the United States as a result of Biden administration policies. In fact, the woman was trafficked in Mexico City decades before Biden became president.


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