Nazi Marcher in Orlando Shouts, ‘We’re All DeSantis Supporters!’

Neo-Nazi marchers in Orlando in September 2023 who shouted, "We're all DeSantis supporters!"
Neo-Nazi marchers in Orlando in September 2023 who shouted, “We are all DeSantis supporters!”

Rolling Stone: “Members of white supremacist and antisemitic hate groups marched outside Orlando, Florida, on Saturday screaming invectives, raising the Nazi salute, and yelling ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘white power.’

“’We are everywhere!’ neo-Nazis can be heard shouting in a video shared by former Florida House of Representatives member Anna V. Eskamani. Later in the footage, they yelled, ‘Heil Hitler’ while performing a Nazi salute…

“When right-wing figure Laura Loomer appeared at the march, recording the Neo-Nazis with her cell phone, the crowd began to chant ‘faggot, faggot’ in her direction. Loomer explained she was at the rally because she was getting her hair done nearby.

“’We’re not voting Trump, Laura!’ one marcher shouted at her. ‘We’re not voting for the right wing! It’s the kike wing.’

At this, another marcher shouted, ‘We’re all DeSantis supporters!’”


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