Slate: DeSantis 3.0 ‘May Involve Fewer Depictions of Self as a Nazi Emperor God’

DeSantis: Nazi Emperor God
DeSantis: Nazi Emperor God “On Tuesday, the Daily Beast published a piece about a Twitter account called @DeSantisCams that is pro–Ron DeSantis and also, even by the standards of the contemporary American right, quite pro-Hitler.

“Last weekend, for instance, the account published a video that culminates in an image of soldiers marching in lockstep toward the Florida governor, whose head turns into a rotating Sonnenrad, or sun wheel. The symbol was installed by Heinrich Himmler in the SS’s Wewelsburg castle and has been adopted in recent decades by white supremacists, including the individuals who carried out mass shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand, and Buffalo, New York. Conservatives often argue that Democrats are being hysterical for saying that right-wing meme phenomena like the ‘OK’ hand gesture have fascist overtones; there would seem to be some difficulty involved in making that claim about a lightning bolt circle that was created by the leader of the SS for his occult Nazi castle.

“What’s more, the video came to the Daily Beast’s attention because it had been retweeted by a DeSantis campaign employee named Nate Hochman, an up-and-coming conservative writer and past contributor to the National Review who has appeared in the New York Times as both an author and an interview subject. Later Tuesday, Axios reported that Hochman actually made the video himself before arranging to have it posted online by an outside account.

“If any of this sounds familiar, that may be because the exact same thing happened already: At the end of June, the DeSantis campaign retweeted an ostensibly supporter-generated video in which references to DeSantis’ anti-LGBTQ+ ‘accomplishments’ were spliced in with images of hyper-dominant, masculinist-endorsed movie characters like Achilles as played by Brad Pitt.”


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