NAACP Hits the Wingnut Outrage Button

From The Daily Beast’s Confider:

While claiming Gov. Ron Desantis (R-FL) has shown that “African Americans are not welcome” in his state, the NAACP recently advised people of color against traveling to Florida due to the state’s “sustained, blatant, relentless, and systemic attack on democracy and civil rights.” Naturally this prompted the expected outcry from Republicans and conservative media, with Fox News and Newsmax mentioning it more than 30 times by Monday afternoon, but some prominent right-wing media stars decided to use it as an opportunity to go in a decidedly more ugly and racist direction. “Five minutes after the advisory went up, 49 of the governors called the NAACP [and] asked if they could be added to the list,” beleaguered shock jock Steven Crowder “joked” on Monday. His co-host Nick DiPaolo took it even further, adding: “Some people say good, you know, stay the hell away. It’s the Sunshine State and you guys obviously don’t need any more sunshine. Look at you.” Far-right podcaster Matt Walsh, meanwhile, insisted that white people never commit crimes against Black people but that “Black people committing crimes against white people for sport is common.” Walsh’s Daily Wire colleague Candace Owens also trafficked in racist stereotypes, saying the NAACP travel advisory “probably means that everybody’s property is going to be valued much higher in the state of Florida.”


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