Ex-Democratic Assemblymember’s Defection to GOP Triggers Political Earthquake in North Carolina

Traitor: NC Assemblymember Tricia Ann Cotham (R) Email: Tricia.Cotham@ncleg.gov


Rep. Jeff Jackson, D-NC, on Reddit: “This morning there was a political earthquake in North Carolina. A legislator in the state House announced she was switching parties from Democrat to Republican. I want to make sure you understand how dramatic the impact of this one switch will be.

Rep. Jeff Jackson D-NC
Rep. Jeff Jackson D-NC

“Until today, Democrats had enough votes to sustain [Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s] veto – but only by a margin of one vote in the NC House. With this switch, Republicans now have a supermajority in both chambers, which means they have the votes to override any veto – which effectively just gave them full control of state government for the first time since 2017.

“I can’t overstate the policy consequences of this single switch. While we don’t know how she will vote on any given bill, dozens of bills that were essentially dead – from elections law changes to reproductive freedom to LGBTQ rights to education policy – may have just sprung back to life. And the state budget – which controls education funding – can now be passed entirely on the basis of Republican votes.

“In short, the decision by this legislator to suddenly switch parties will have consequences for millions of people.”


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