Ask Dr. Democrat

Dear Dr. Democrat,

The polls are unreliable. The pundits are unfathomable. What’s going to happen in the midterm elections?

Worried in Wimauma

Dear Worried:

You should be.

Republicans will take both houses in the midterms, THEN the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act will kick in, prescription drug prices will fall, Biden’s De-frickin-cember releases from the strategic petroleum reserve will bring down gas prices, and things will start to get better. Republicans will take and get all the credit, and we will be there going, “No, it was us! Really it was! Vote for us again!”

The two botched impeachments, the Mueller report and the way-too-late Jan. 6 Commission will fade like the afternoon sun does without daylight saving time, and new impeachments and investigations, all centered on Democrats, will dominate the news cycles right up to election day 2024…when Ron DeSantis becomes our next president.

Sorry, no balm of Gilead here.

Be careful,

Dr. Democrat


One thought on “Ask Dr. Democrat”

  1. A response from a concerned reader:

    There’s a prediction out now that the chance of a recession within the next few months is 100%.

    It’s become a media meme but I really don’t buy that the impeachments were botched. Senate Republicans were corrupt cowards who knowingly voted to acquit a career criminal conman. It’s like the mob trials where mobsters successfully intimidated and/or bought off the jurors who voted to acquit. The evidence was there. We all saw it. The senators chose to ignore it.

    At the risk of bothsidesism, the same thing happened with the Clinton impeachment, except that the underlying issues were anything but parallel — insurrection, extortion, treason and obstruction of justice vs. perjury about sex. So maybe it’s the impeachment process that’s the problem.

    The defenestration of Liz Truss after 44 days makes me yearn even more for American Parliament. Our system is calcified, brittle and rickety. It needs a top-down overhaul. But that of course is not within any conceivable realm of possibility.

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