Begala: Dems Shouldn’t Rely on ‘Pain-In-the-Ass White Liberals’

“The early states are full of white liberals. They don’t like Joe. Then when we move to real Democrats, African Americans in the south, they loved him and he steamrolled everybody. Because in my party, the heart and soul of the party are people of color, not pain-in-the-ass white liberals on Twitter. I’m sorry to use bad language.”

— Democratic strategist Paul Begala slammed the “pain-in-the-ass white liberals” for being potential roadblocks to President Biden’s reelection, the HuffPost reports.

GOP Planning a Debt Crisis to Target Entitlements

“The November elections will likely give Republicans control of the House of Representatives as a platform from which to oppose the Democratic-controlled White House. And one thing Republicans will do with this power, in all probability, will be to try to provoke a crisis in order to extort Democrats into accepting spending cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security.”

Jonathan Chait

‘Southpark’ Writer Takes Novel Approach to Political Action

Fake Kari Lake website designed by Toby Morton.

From the happy mutants at Boing Boing comes this piece about Toby Morton, a former writer for “SouthPark” and “MadTV,” who buys domain names that relate to MAGA and Q figures and uses the resulting websites to undermine them.

Does Morton’s efforts influence campaigns or policy? Hard to say, but Arizona gubernatorial candidate and monster Kari Lake offered him $150 for the domain he used to build her site. Morton has also given the same business to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Toby Morton, we salute you!