Trump Was Going to Announce Prez Run Before Midterms

“Donald Trump was seriously considering announcing a week from today before the election because he thought Republicans are gonna win the House, gonna win the Senate, and he wanted to take credit for it. … He’s now backed away from it. He may deny it, but he told people who raise money for him, he told political people that this is what he was going to do.”

— Republican pollster Frank Luntz told Fox News that Donald Trump “was seriously considering” announcing a presidential bid before the midterms.

Trump Didn’t Make the Violence Stop on Jan. 6 and He Won’t Now

AP StoryIt’s another one of those days. Like Jan. 6, only this time it’s the day that one of Trump’s goon fans took a hammer to Paul Pelosi, husband of the Speaker of the House.

Like Jan. 6, we didn’t see this coming. Also like Jan. 6, those who are waiting for the former president to call for an end to the violence will count the time in years until he does.

Much was made of how Trump never condemned the violence and destruction on Jan. 6, 2021, never asked his supporters to stop it. The members of the Jan. 6 committee have made this point repeatedly, as witnesses described how they begged him to do so.

In Mark Leibovitch’s unparalleled new book, Thank You for Your Servitude, he lists person after person who pleaded with Trump to intervene, from Ivanka Trump to Sean Hannity to Chris Christie to every leader in Congress including Kevin McCarthy. But Trump let it roll right along. He sat and watched it live on TV and said and did nothing to bring the killing and marauding to an end.

And here’s the thing. He still hasn’t. […]

Fetterman Rakes in $2M Following Debate with Oz

$2 million

The first and only debate between Pennsylvania Senate candidates John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz on Tuesday yielded a fundraising windfall for both candidates, reports the Daily Beast. Fetterman reportedly raised $2 million by Wednesday afternoon. The Oz campaign went dollar for dollar, filing a fundraising report showing nearly $2.2 million in receipts. But $2 million of that came from Oz himself.