Steve Schmidt: Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News ‘Has Birthed a Fascist Movement on American Soil’

Steve Schmidt
Steve Schmidt

From Steve Schmidt on Twitter:

Rupert Murdoch, the 90 year old creator of the Fox News lie machine that has birthed a fascist movement on American soil while simultaneously obliterating faith and belief in America’s highest ideals like pluralism and democracy, is VACCINATED. His children are all vaccinated.

Yet, they purposefully and premeditatedly prey upon their audience for profit, consigning thousands upon thousands to miserable and lonely deaths where people choke to death and drown in the fluids of their lungs.

We live in a society that seems deeply uncomfortable using the word, EVIL. We demand rational explanations for everything including unfathomable acts of cruelty, violence and malice. Attributing the cause as an act of EVIL, absent purpose, intent or meaning seems to disorient us. Perhaps it is because of the religious connotations associated with the word or out of a type of arrogance that believes there is an answer for everything.

Vanity Fair documented a meeting in the White House where Jared Kushner consigned hundreds of thousands of Americans to death by blocking a national response to Covid because he thought there would be political advantage in sticking Blue state Governor’s with the blame. The philosopher Hannah Arendt would likely have understood those acts as an example of the “Banality of Evil,” a phrase she coined at the Eichmann trial.

It is worth remembering that phrase as Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump try and rehabilitate their wretched legacy of death, lying and suffering in the months ahead. What Tucker Carlson and Fox News are doing is indeed EVIL and sometimes understanding that simple fact has to be enough.

We are at a moment that demands action and choosing. This fight, in fact is between good and evil and we should not be afraid to assert the moral supremacy of freedom and liberty over autocracy and fascism. We must never be afraid to look EVIL in it’s face and call it by it’s name. In this clip it’s name is Tucker Carlson. It’s that easy. It’s time to stop the ponderous search for why and simply accept that it is.

That acceptance clarifies the moment, the stakes and the fight. I hope Senator Schumer can wrap his head around this before it is too late.”

Bad people defend bad people. If you’re defending flotsam like Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingram and the like, it’s time to look at yourself, hard.


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