Qanon Accuses Q US Senate Candidate of Trafficking His Own Daughter Because She Wore Red Shoes

Left: Lahmeyer, center, with Q conspiracists  disgraced Gen. Mike Flynn, left, and pillow grifter Mike Lyndell; right: Lahmeyer's daughter in red shoes
Left: Lahmeyer, center, with Q conspiracists disgraced Gen. Mike Flynn, left, and pillow grifter Mike Lyndell; right: Lahmeyer’s daughter in red shoes

Things have been spinning out of control since the first week in July for Pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, a 29-year-old Qanon-courting candidate from Tulsa who’s running to oust Oklahoma’s apostate Republican senator, James Lankford.

After aggressively courting leading Trump/Q propagandists – he’s been photographed with disgraced Gen. Mike Flynn and pillow-grifter Mike Lyndell – Lahmeyer suddenly found himself the target of Q conspiracist madness that has put his once-promising campaign in jeopardy.

It all started when Lahmayer posted a photo of his very young daughter posing in front of a huge campaign photo of himself, proudly showing off her red shoes. What Lahmeyer (and 99.999999 percent of the world) did not know then is that, according to Q fabulism, children who wear red shoes are part of sex trafficking rings.

Since then, Lahmeyer has been on the defensive, fruitlessly attempting to reason with the same hardcore Q cultists whose votes he’d hoped to win. On July 7, he issued this meekly defiant plea for sanity, via Twitter:

The UGLY side of Politics. Last week, I posted this pic of Eva out on the campaign trail with me and she was so proud of her red shoes because it matched the colors of the #LahmeyerForSenate gear.

It was a harmless post but there is an individual out there who has been spreading things about me that are not true such as I am creation worshipper, a new world order globalist and more nonsensical stuff.

This person has also been spreading the narrative that I’m in [sic] involved in Child Sex Trafficking.

I guess red shoes represent pedophilia according to this individual. (Querulous emoji.)

I’ve been in ministry for years. Never any accusations whatsoever. Now all of a sudden I’m being accused of everything under the sun by one particular woman and some people don’t have enough discernment to determine right from wrong.

Unfortunately, I have to say it because people are asking me. I’m in no way involved in Child Sex Trafficking, pedophilia or devil worship. If you believe that it actually says more about you than it does about me.

This is rich, coming from Lahmeyer, who has largely based his campaign on trying to appeal to Qanon cultists, who by definition are “people don’t have enough discernment to determine right from wrong.”

Sen. Lankford, like every establishment Republican in Congress, has routinely betrayed his own intelligence and conscience by kowtowing to extreme right-wing elements in his party.

But late in the evening of Jan. 6, after Lankford and his colleagues had been hustled to safety as a murderous MAGA mob rampaged through the US Capitol, Lankford cast a vote based both on his intelligence and his conscience.

He voted to certify the election of Joe Biden.

In other words, Langford called Trump’s Big Lie for what it is, and as Biden described it this week – a big lie.

Because of this apostasy, Lankford drew this primary challenger, a young preacher at a church in a strip mall. And now the full brunt of the Q cult’s denunciation has been turned on the preacher, even though he has pledged absolute fealty to Trump, has said he believes the disgraced, serial philandering career criminal conman should be reinstated as president, that he wants every state subjected to a full 2020 election audit, and that he thinks the F.B.I. and “antifa” were behind the Jan. 6 MAGA terrorist attack on the Capitol.

How or if this has any affect on the Senate election in 2022 remains to be seen. For now, however, it’s an interesting development in the devolution of the Party Formerly Known as the GOP and metastasizing of the Q cult: Sen. Lankford is targeted by the extreme Trumpist faction whose favor he has shamelessly curried, while his opponent, Pastor Lahmayer, is attacked by the Q cult whose support he desperately needed.


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