Ask Dr. Democrat: Is Gavin Newsom Getting Recalled?

Dear Dr. Democrat:

Politico says it’s time for concern about efforts to recall California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) — and this is just as he’s about to appoint at least one (but let’s face it, probably two) senators. Should I (we) be concerned?

Half-Baked in Bakersfield

Dear Half-Baked:

Republicans are bestirring themselves in California. That is true. But the article’s reference to the state’s “Republican establishment” is laughable — probably as laughable as Florida’s “Democratic establishment.”

This part is correct:

A recall by Republicans, who still have the albatross of Donald Trump, an unpopular president in solidly blue California, around their necks, remains a longshot. And Democrat Newsom still enjoys the strong approval of the majority of Caifornians, the latest Public Policy Institute of California poll showed.

Hillary won by 4.3 million in California. Biden won by 5 million and change — 11 million to Trump’s 6 million. Newsom is over 60% in the polls.

Most of us remember the recall of Gov. Gray Davis, who had just been re-elected and was actually doing a good job with the shitshow left behind by GOP Gov. Pete “Prop 187” Wilson. Particularly the electricity crisis which caused brown-outs across the state that was a result of another GOP ballot prop that changed it so we had to choose our power provider.

And then it was a disaster. It was later revealed to be the handiwork of evildoers Enron and Dick Cheney.

The recall was funded by Darrell Issa, who planned to take the governorship for himself. When Schwarzenegger bigfooted him out of the race, Issa broke down and started crying in front of every local news camera in the state. I kept that YouTube clip close by and liked to play it over and over.

But mostly it was a clown show.

Based on the rules, just about any Tom, Dick or Harriet can run in the recall, and in Gray’s case, they did. There were over 100 candidates ranging from Arianna Huffington to a porn star to Schwarzenegger. As you know, Schwarzenegger was not just unpopular when he left office, he was despised.

After four years of GOP chaos in D.C., I really doubt the average Californian is going to welcome this truly chaotic process again.

Here’s a good assessment of a Democrats’ view on the current effort.

Now, if they want to recall Newsom for having dated that raving lunatic Kimberly Guilfoile ….


Dr. D


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