Olear: The Big Lie That Bernie Was Cheated in 2016 Endures

Like Trump and his cult-like followers, Sen. Sanders and his loyal fans just can’t seem to get over the results of the 2016 election. In particular, the Sandersites believe the DNC failed to support his campaign as fully as they did Secretary Clinton’s. (But they are silent on the DNC’s treatment of the other candidate in the race, former Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland.)

Never mind that Sanders was not a Democrat throughout his long career — until April 30, 2015, the day he filed to run for president. He joined the party that day, and yet expected to get the full benefit of a lifelong member.

Whether he got the full benefits is open to debate, but party support does not always correlate to winning election. For example, in 2016 Trump received little or no support from the RNC during the primaries, and yet he defeated a dozen rivals for the nomination. How did he do it? The same way Clinton did in the Democratic primary: He got more votes. (Of course, she got 3 million more votes than Trump in the general election, but that’s another matter.)

From the Greg Olear in his Prevail email journal:

As a grievance monger, Bernie Sanders must distance himself from the Democratic party that is the prime source of most of his grievances. That’s why he calls himself an Independent, while caucusing with—and running as one of, and, crucially, accepting money and resources from—the Democrats. Just as the Russian mafiya needs the structures of Western government to operate effectively, so Bernie needs the Democratic Party to be in the hands of actual Democrats—what his surrogates derisively call “centrists.”

This compulsive need to be anti-establishment is the basis for Bernie’s long-held, and long-debunked, contention that the DNC was “rigged” in 2016. Fact check: HRC kicked his ass from here to Vladivostok. By every available metric, she destroyed him. She was far and away the more popular choice among Democrats…

Unlike the selfish Independent, Hillary was actually financing down-ticket candidates. And she was also, you know, a member of the party.

Yet the Big Lie that Bernie was somehow cheated out of the nomination endures. This is quite like the Knicks blaming a 30-point blowout loss on the refs.

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