Buttigieg’s Previous Vote Support Eclipses Biden’s

You know what bothers me about the Biden electability argument? Numbers.

The last time Biden was on a ballot by himself was his 2008 Senate re-election campaign. Biden was running in Delaware, the country’s 46th state in population, against Christine O’Donnell. You remember Christine O’Donnell:

Biden triumphed over O’Donnell with 65 percent of the vote. You could not be blamed for wondering, what with people’s witch lineage in question, why that percentage wasn’t even higher. He was an entrenched incumbent running for his sixth term and 35 percent of Delawarians voted against Biden in favor of someone who paid for an ad to tell them she wasn’t a witch but was in fact them.*

Still, 65 percent sounds pretty good. Except that’s 257,464 votes. Again, Delaware is very small.

Pete Buttigieg takes a lot of questions in the electability debate because he was the mayor of South Bend, Indiana. When he won election to his first term in 2011, he drew 10,991 votes. That’s not a lot. But even when he lost the year before in his race to be Indiana’s state treasurer, he got 633,243 votes.

That means the most votes Buttigieg ever received in an election until now was 633,243 votes. But the most votes Biden ever earned in an election on his own was 257,464 votes. So who’s more competitive?

I worry that Biden can’t seal the deal for our team. Nothing in his background leads me to believe he can. I don’t know about you but I voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012, not for Joe Biden. I’m not planning to vote for him this time either.

Unless he’s our candidate, in which case I will vote for, donate to, and support the hell out of him.

*Which is exactly what a witch would say.


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