One thought on “1-800-Call-Donnie? Trump’s Legal Referrals Pretty Funny”

  1. Jim Brown gets it , he knows Trump has done more for the black community than the democrats have in decades . Charles Evers (Civil Rights icon Medgar Evers brother) is 100% supportive of Trump . He said in only a year and a half Trump has done more good for the inner city communities than democrats have done over the last 30 years . Democrats as expected REFUSE to allow Trump to offer inner city children better education which Trump has been offering since day 1 , of course the media will NEVER EVER reveal that , it would make democrats look bad . Democrats insist only common core is acceptable but Trump insists that common core is mediocre education at best and children deserve much better. Democrats know that if they allow Trump to succeed in his goal of freeing so many inner city families from poverty like he has said he”s committed to doing the dem”s will lose the black vote . Yes, they probably will but they will free the poverty stricken and allow them to live much happier lives , losing votes is much more important to democrats or they would allow Trump to do what he has offered. Trump says the days of America”s inner city families living in terrible conditions IS OVER , they deserve better and Trump will continue doing everything he possibly can to greatly improve the lives for long suffering inner city families . When illegals come first black lives come last , Trump is 100% Americans first NOT ILLEGALS .

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