Trump Supporters Circulate Fake Tweet about Rep. Maxine Waters

From Media Matters: “A fake quote from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) calling for an “illegal immigrant” to be selected for the Supreme Court is spreading on Twitter and Facebook. Multiple radio stations have also pushed the quote on air.

“On June 28, a Twitter account that labeled itself as a ‘parody’ of CNN, with the account name @CNNPoltics, tweeted, ‘Rep @MaxinePWaters: “The next Supreme Court Justice should be an illegal immigrant.”’ The tweet also included a fake CNN chyron saying, ‘Waters: SCOTUS Pick Should Be Illegal Immigrant.’ Twitter has suspended the account.”

More from Media Matters:

Many people spread the tweet as real, including:

  • a co-anchor of Los Angeles TV station KTLA, who wrote, “What do her constituents in Los Angeles and the South Bay think about this?”
  • Daily Beast correspondent and Tablet columnist Jamie Kirchick
  • contributor Stephen Miller
  • New York Post writer Kirsten Fleming, who called the quote part of Waters’ “sanity tour”
  • Bryan McGrath, a deputy director at the conservative think tank the Hudson Institute, who called Waters “the face of the left”
  • the chairman of the conservative Young Americans for Freedom

Read the rest of the article at Media Matters.


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