Sen. Warren Reads the Letter about Attorney-General Nominee Jeff Sessions That the GOP Doesn’t Want You To Hear

The optics of what happened on the Senate floor last night ought to be horrific. The Republican Senate leader, an elderly white man from a border state, essentially told a woman Democratic senator to shut up and sit down just as she was about to read a letter from an African-American civil rights icon.

Adding to the outrage — the letter was already part of the congressional record, and had been for 31 years.

In the Trump Era, however, there’s no chance GOP Leader Mitch McConnell will face consequences of any sort for silencing Sen. Elizabeth Warren as she prepared to read a letter written by Corretta Scott King stating her opposition in 1986 to Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions’ appointment to a federal judgeship. The letter was addressed to Sen. Strom Thurmond, then the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and was entered into the record at that time.

Here’s the full story from NBC News.


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