Florida Gov. Rick Scott Shoots a Blank with Gun Making Incentive

pistolDon’t expect FOX News to cover this story since it doesn’t contain sexy words like, “Solyndra” and “Obama.”

But Gov. Rick Scott (R/Tea) shot himself in the foot and might have to bite the bullet over the wasted $1.6 million paid to gun manufacturer Colt to bring jobs to Central Florida. The skilled manufacturing jobs, touted to earn an average $45,000 each, were promised and paid for in 2011. As of 2015, there are no jobs.

Colt’s [sic] has missed two state benchmarks regarding hiring workers and has had to repay the state at least $50,000. Colt’s [sic] did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

The county spent more than $500,000 remodeling a building for the company. The state invested $1.6 million worth of incentives…

It seemed like an easy choice to Republican legislators at the time, even though it meant turning down the expansion of a community college program that would equip Florida students for a competitive job market.

The new building is one of several locations where Valencia College wanted to bring a program in high tech manufacturing to Osceola County, but was told the building was leased by Colt’s [sic].

If you were a Florida Republican, where would you rather put the state’s money? Into producing more guns so people can more effectively stand their ground, or into public education that helps ensure economic security, stable families, and a strong tax base? It’s a shame taxpayers had to waste $1.6 million to find the answer to a question we already knew.


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