RNC Goes Into Debt During July

$2.2 million

— The amount of debt the Republican National Committee revealed in its July fundraising report. The RNC started the month with $10.8 million in cash on hand, received $5.5 million in contributions, and spent $11.1 million, leaving $5.2 million in cash on hand and the aforementioned debt. CNN noted that the press releases and fanfare normally associated with RNC fundraising announcements were absent this month, as the organization attempted to keep the bad news on the down-low.


It’s a loser issue — they have a big L on their foreheads. If that’s all they’ve got, it’s a pretty good indication of the problems that the Democrats face in 2010.

— Jeb Bush, quoted by the New York Times, on Democrats trying to use his brother, former President George W. Bush, as a campaign issue this year.