GOP Investigated Pres. Clinton’s Cat But Only Plans ‘Oversight’ on Pres. Bush’s Admitted Illegal Spying

Compare and contrast:

  • 1995: Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), then chair of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, investigated whether taxpayers were footing the cost of stationery and postage for the fan club dedicated to President Clinton’s cat, Socks. (They were not – and it turns out Barbara Bush’s dog Millie had a fan club too.)
  • 2005: Two weeks ago, President Bush admitted he willfully flouted a law that requires him to get warrants before wiretapping U.S. citizens. His justification for ignoring the law appears to be LÉtat, c’est moi. In reaction, Republicans in charge of the Senate Judiciary Committee announced on Friday that they are planning “oversight” hearings into the matter.

The president has admitted he broke the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) hundreds of times. Isn’t it a bit late for “oversight?”


49 thoughts on “GOP Investigated Pres. Clinton’s Cat But Only Plans ‘Oversight’ on Pres. Bush’s Admitted Illegal Spying”

  1. with all the criminal activity surrounding
    the bush administration i can’t help wondering,
    where is the public outrage. there was a cartoon some months ago with bush and chaney
    walking down the hallways of the white house
    when bush asked chaney what he thought that
    they should do that day and chaney replied,
    “any dam thing we want to george”. not saying
    very much for the thinking ability of the
    american people.

  2. Bush never did win either election! why does no one speak to this? over a year before the last presidential election a BBC article gave two accounts of special elections here that the night before the election the exstreme right candidate, R of corse was way behind in the polls. Morning after the elections look who won.
    I have read that tests have been run on the computer voting machines in Florida and experts have shown that just a click of the mouse switches the vote when sent to the Diebold main computers.
    The winner is the vote counters. Unless voting is cleaned up its all over, as that BBC article was titled *Bush has won, dont bother to vote americans.*

  3. Gee, you don’t think Mr. Bush would actually spy on his and the Republican’s political enemies, not just terrorists do you?
    He wouldn’t cheat and lie like that would he?
    His past is obviously full of examples of his ever-so-generous and honest nature isn’t it?

  4. It goes to reason that if you are in control of the count, why would you even CONSIDER speaking out against your party’s nefarious tendencies. You will keep your mouth shut and enjoy the perks.
    That is, if you’re the type that hasn’t got an ounce of humanity or a sliver of concience.
    Face it people, it’s a foregone conclusion that if the Repugs maintain majorities in ‘o6
    (by 1-2% margins of course), we have ourselves a fixed system……

  5. The opnly way Bush will ever come to justice is if the balance of power in Congress is changed. Vote only for moderate Republicans and Democrats is you really and truly want change and justice. Unfortunately there are only a dozen or so moderate Republicans in the whole Congress so your choices are clear.

  6. The only way to rid America of the Bushie neo-con politcal abomination is to change the balance of power in Congress. If you wantto do this you must only vote for moderate Republicans or Democrats. Since there are only a couple dozen moderate Republicans in the whole Congress your chices are pretty much determined.

  7. One can only hope that the repubs in Congress realize that the American people are watching them coddle and protect the guy who brought “honor” back to the White House. 2006 aint that far away.


    draft dodger

    crimial military deserter during wartime

    criminal drug user

    criminal drunk

    criminal insider trader

    alleged adulterer (where did she go?)

    Pathological liar
    google search my list of 234 lies.

    (clarence swinney + political historian + bush lies)

    member of one of most unethical families ever to be in the White House

    clarence swinney

  9. I tell you what, this president is the most selfish, power-hungry person I’ve heard of. He is worse than Hitler! He deserves to be executed like the men on the German town squares where soldiers were shot.

  10. Aaaaahhh!! I will hate that bastard to my grave! He has destroyed our country, thrown it into chaos, and has ruined it beyond repair! How many of you agree with me? Roar in your approval!

  11. We may never know just how many votes Gore won by in Florida in 2000. As most of the evidence has deliberatly been erased and unsaved. But one thing is abundantly clear…brother Jeb and Katherine Harris had Gore’s positive numbers flipped over to the negative and given to big brother George in the positive which then resulted in Georgie coming out even. Then 400 or so votes were added to George’s tally (for good measure) to give him the clear win.
    Just look at all the hackable machines all over the USA and you will see just how easy this heist is and just how trusting we Americans are with regards to voting machines. If your state is suseptible to voting machine fraud…get involved in a grassroots campaign to make voting machine software-coding SECURE, unhackable and transparent. >Go to or

  12. Are you better off?
    I am not. If you owned Cisco stock in 2000 you are bad bad bad now.Took me to showers.

    1.How is your Ira?
    2. How is your 401K?
    3.How is your stock portfolio?
    4.How is your pension?
    5.How are your property taxes?
    6.How is your gas price?
    7.How is your home heating oil price?
    8.How are your education costs?
    9.How are your health care costs?
    10.How are your bank cd’s?
    11.How is your Medicare?
    12.How do you like your profit making HMO handling your Medicare?
    13.How do you like going through profit making HMO to get permission to see an expensive specialist?
    14.How are your state taxes?
    15. How many businesses have closed in your city?

    If you are better off you are a Country Club card carrying Republican with great wealth.

    Clarence swinney burlington nc
    please quote me.

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