PA07: Dem Iraq War Vet to Take on Rep. Curt Weldon

Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) is a particularly odious Republican, so it is heartening to learn that Bryan Lentz, a Democratic war vet, is taking him on in the 2006 elections.

Here is a bit of what we learned from the Lentz for Congress website:

Bryan Lentz is a native son of southeastern Pennsylvania, where the 7th District is located. He is a decorated Army veteran who served with distinction in the Iraq War and with MFO and NATO peacekeeping missions in the Sinai Peninsula and Bosnia, where he oversaw millions of dollars in infrastructure development, including the first-ever Russian, Romanian, Muslim and Serbian joint bridge and road projects. Among his official commendations are the War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and the Bronze Star.

“Bryan will work tirelessly to roll back the Bush agenda and restore accountability and responsibility in Washington, DC.”

In Iraq, Bryan commanded a civil affairs unit responsible for rebuilding the infrastructure in Mosul. His experience on the ground makes him a sharp and reliable critic of the Bush administration’s failure to plan properly for the war and the rebuilding effort.

In his civilian life, Bryan served for six years as a prosecutor with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, where he earned a tough reputation for his wide-ranging prosecution of gang members, rapists, and other violent offenders. Since 1999, Bryan has worked as an attorney in private practice.

UPDATE: We plan to do a profile of Paul Scoles too, and have contacted him by email. The story on Bryan Lentz is part of our coverage of Democratic Iraq war vets who are running for Congress. We strongly support any candidate who can beat Curt Weldon. – Jon


17 thoughts on “PA07: Dem Iraq War Vet to Take on Rep. Curt Weldon”

  1. It should be mentioned that Lentz doesn’t even live in the District, and that people in Delco (like me) don’t care for carpetbaggers from Philadelphia. Also, his record as an attorney is something everyone should look into before they decide to support him. Furthermore, there already is a candidate in the 7th named Paul Scoles, and when I compared the two, Scoles came out head and shoulders above Lentz.

  2. In fact, Bryan Lentz is a resident of Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Which is in the seventh district and always has been. He’s spent a fair amount of time in Iraq — but that’s not carpetbagging; that’s serving his country.

  3. Actually, he is registered to vote in Philadelphia, not the 7th District. His campaign is FEC registered in Philadelphia, and his treasurer is out of Lower Merion. That’s called carpetbagging.

  4. You are pathetic. Clearly, Bryan lives in Swarthmore. Clearly, he has lived in the area his whole life – except when he was serving his country in the Sinai, Bosnia and Iraq. If that’s not enough dedication for you then I think you are sad.

  5. I also moved to the 7th district after serving in Iraq, how long do I have to wait before I become a “true resident”? I am sick of the democrats returning guys who can’t win to the general election. Weldon will be happy to see Scoles again, I won’t.

  6. I kind of agree with Mort on this. I heard that he was from Chestnut Hill until recently and that he served as campaign manager in the Philly DA’s race to oust Abraham. Its pretty obvious that he’s a Philly guy and the voters in Delco aren’t going to like it.

  7. Lentz is an American Patriot, willing to be on the front-lines. In the 1980’s, he was a Ranger with the 82nd Airborne – an Infantry platoon leader — and after 9-11, he is a Lawyer who volunteered to go to Iraq. He led in combat in MOSUL, Iraq. Enough said. Now let the ballot box decide. The 7th PA Congressional District deserves to be represented by a MAN such as Lentz.

  8. Mort and Chris he lives in Swathmore. I think you are going to have to put much more effort into your lies to bring down a democrate and a combat veteran. Maybe you can ask Ken Mehlman for advice, he has some good experience. And good thing there are guys like you speaking on behalf of us “Delco voters.”

  9. Yeah so Lentz hasn’t lived his entire life in the 7th district he was busy in Bosnia and Iraq while your man Weldon with Rumsfeld’s help was developing the pathetic Star Wars defense system; making friends with the Russians and pushing the Ocean’s Agenda…this is the best he can do with almost 20 years in congress?

  10. Weldon’s not “my man.” I’m just pointing out some of Lentz’s weaknesses from my point of view. We have another good candidate in the race, Paul Scoles, who did a decent job against Weldon based on the very short period of time he was in the race. (He jumped in after another candidate shipped off to Iraq.)

    From my experience, Delco residents prefer someone from the County. There is a long-standing antipathy against Philadelphia in the suburbs and I just don’t see voters going with a Philly guy vs a homegrown Delaware Countian. No need to jump all over me….

  11. Just because someone served in Iraq (and we should honor his service) doesn’t mean he’s the best candidate. I’ve heard Scoles speak, he knows the issues, he lived in Delaware County for decades. I did some research – its true the committee is registered in Philly and Lentz donated to Santorum – his only political donation. How can we be sure that he isn’t just an opportunist? Paul has worked hard and its a shame that Lentz is entering the race and taking time, energy and money from Paul when he is working hard to defeat Weldon.

  12. Just because someone is an incumbent or someone ran before, DOESN’T make them the best candidate. Some out there like Curt, some like Paul …. many more will come to know Bryan Lentz and like him …. and then guess what??? …. all registered voters in the 7th get to choose. So fellow concerned citizens, stop the half-truths and let’s campaign. For the sake of our nation and the 7th, may the best person be elected. I happen to know that the best person for this seat is BRYAN LENTZ. He also knows the issues and is not a ONE ISSUE, SPECIAL INTEREST candidate like perhaps another. Democracy is all about the freedom to choose. Democrats, be happy – you now have a winnable choice — and its Bryan Lentz.

  13. I heartily agree with Pat. Before you decide on a candidate, take the time to find out how they think and where they stand. Bryan Lentz’s record as a prosecutor will speak for itself. In addition, he is well educated on the issues and not shy about giving his views. Make your choice for candidate based solely on the candidate – in this case, the best person for this job is Bryan Lentz.

  14. First of all, Delco is full, and I mean full of expatriated Philadelphians. Many of them Republicans by registration only. These folks are going to love Lentz. Mort, I’ll bet you would have voted for Hillary in NY even though you know she relocated for the run. More than a few of the Kennedy clan have done the same. We could fill the page with elected officials who have moved and won. Also, the political landscape of Delco is full of ex Philadelphians. If you discourage ex Philadelphians from running for office in Delaware County simply because you think voters will not trust them than you are playing right in to the Republican’s hands. Go work for them if that is the best you can do. You can be for Scoles, you can be for Lentz, but you should leave the outdated political terms for the history books.

  15. Tom is right on the money with his comments regarding Delco being full of Philly expats (I’m one of them) and Republicans in name only (I’m not one of them, but I know many). The latter are the people that are the key to any D winning, and those folks will not vote for Scoles. The idea that Scoles gets a pass because he ran two years ago is naive and counterproductive. Ponder one question: who do you think Weldon would rather run against? The party leadership needs to get its head out of its derriere and recognize the opportunity staring us in the face.

  16. as a former USAF Veteran, I coomend Bryan in his efforts in winning the Congressional election that’s upcoming next year. Curt Weldon has been on the “take” from Boeing as he has continued to support the much maligned V-22 program. For those interested in reading some interesting tid-bits on Weldons filanderings, just read or on what’s really happening with the fraudulent spending on the Osprey that’s eclipsing the $125mil mark. Go Bryan!

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