Rumors Swirl around Vice President Cheney

Man of mystery: What is going on with our Vice President? Rumors have been swirling around our international man of mystery for weeks now. Speculation ramped up in the wake of Katrina when he failed to arrive on the scene until four days after the disaster.

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), who is a reliable source, told an interviewer that the Veep was so ill he could barely talk, and that Donald Rumsfeld was really running the country. (Which would certainly explain why the response to Katrina was such a disaster.)

Nora Ephron posits that Cheney and President Bush may have had a falling out. Her premise is spot on. She says Gop honchos knew from the getgo that Bush was dumb as a post but that his good ol’ boy act could get him elected, so they brought Cheney in to run the show. Now perhaps Bush is mad that Cheney led him into invading Iraq but is currently unforthcoming with brilliant ideas for leading them out.

Or is Cheney tired of playing nursemaid to his pampered aristocratic lout of a boss? That’s the jist of a rumor in D.C. reported by TalkLeft:

A few months ago, I heard of a lunch conversation that Cheney had with a political type in Wyoming. I have no idea if it’s true or not, but it makes some sense. Here’s the tale:

Cheney has been getting tired of being called upon to fix Bush’s mistakes. Cheney said Bush is almost incapable of making any decision. He waffles and waffles. Then, once he makes a decision, he refuses to change it. Because of his born-again faith, he says “It’s in the hands of G-d now” and washes his hands of it. Then Cheney is called in to repair the damage.

If this story is even remotely true, this may have been the final straw for Cheney, and he decided to let Bush try to wiggle his way out of his Katrina inaction on his own. Cheney’s re-emergence this week may be the result of his fellow Republicans begging him to return to save Bush for the sake of the party.

There is also the possibility that Cheney’s low profile may be related to the CIA leak investigation, which faces a milestone next month when prosecutor Peter Fitzgerald’s grand jury term expires. It is certainly within the realm of the possible that Cheney got embroiled in a cover up and could be facing an obstruction of justice charge.

Amid the rumors, there is this (apparent) fact. Cheney, the multi-multi-millionaire, recently bought an estate in St. Michaels, Marlyand, which is about an hour or so from D.C.

Is it just a weekend getaway or a place to decamp after his pardon (or where he can wear his ankle bracelet?) and run his new career as lobbyist? Stay tuned.


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  1. No better time than now to put in the feeding tube and -of course- followed by an act of Congress to assure that it would ‘never’ be removed.

    Cheney could go on forever and the Helliburton no bid contracts could go on forever, checks are already in the mail, and have to be cashed.

  2. Sometime in the early 90’s, Rove met with a particular group of big business and offered them their holy grail. With Snr in the Whitehouse and Jnr all but a blank slate, the sellout of executive power was traded on the basis that they’d fund the trip there for GW and Rove. Cheney was big businesses guaranttee that their investment stayed on track. In terms of their personal legacy, both men know they’ll be torn apart by history but are content to have been the harbringers of their neo-con world view. Who cares if non-rich, non-white, non-Americans hate you… Imagine the margin of the gross that’s theirs for the asking as soon as the next patsy gets the keys to the White house. How long before theirs a private margin and oversight for every public service in America? How long before your education looses its last vestage of preperation for life and just accords each 5th grader their work assignment for life?
    Gotta remember that Bush, Cheney et al won the day they walked into the White House. The scam had been pulled, the profits soon came after… everything from Iraq to the Patriot Act have been presents to the far-fight and corporate sponsers that took GW and Rove from Texas to Washington.

  3. Has anyone else made the connection between the WB cartoon “Pinky and The Brain” and our current Prez/Vice Prez? The resemblance is uncanny!

  4. I wish that the Poppy, Chimpy and Darth Cheney would all have their genitals close up so they have to piss and shit out of their mouths.

    200 some years and this empire is on it’s way out. Say good bye to amerika.

    2 strikes… whats next from these thugs?

  5. Um… if you don’t know whether the “rumor” published on TalkLeft is true or not, then why would you reprint it here? Or better yet, why publish ANY “rumors” at all?

    Just curious.

  6. Um… if you don’t know whether the “rumor” published on TalkLeft is true or not, then why would you reprint it here? Or better yet, why publish ANY “rumors” at all?

    Just curious.


    Dear Friends and fellow lovers of Freedom,

    It absolutely amazes this writer when such things come from an inspired mind and find the way to expression here in this beautiful forum of ever growing Internet writers and concerned information seekers. Give eternal thanks to a far greater force then this unworthy one will ever be. Maybe someday even the workers of the dark energies and mis-informing lies will also turn towards the right direction and sail into the ever forming future with all of us, the righteous life loving sound minded American people.

    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    It becomes clear that this incident we just witnessed in the created hurricane stricken areas was of a man made nature and you all can be dang sure it was yet another event like 911 was. Let it be forever known that this was another gov-military-complex sponsored event. Have you noticed how clinton and daddy bush always show up after the Events take place and tell the stupid unsuspecting people to send $MONEY$ to their favorite bank accounts? Just like Vultures that show up at the first sign of death. What perversion there must be in enjoying so much of that stench of death in a grand luciferic scale. We all should be offering up so much prayer for the healing and helping of THE DISPLACED VICTIMS OF THE KATRINA EXCERCISE.
    (Hurricane Control)

    Many of those poor people have lost so much and we hope the help gets to those that need it the most. If anyone sends money to the Red Cross, be aware of the corruption. If you want to know more about the RED CROSS, put �Red Cross corruption� into the yahoo search engine and see the amazing amount of evidence about these crimes. (Results 1 – 10 of about 3,580,000 for Red Cross corruption)

    A friend went to a Red Cross meeting and they said 10% of the Red Cross people get paid. The other 90% don�t. One wonders then if the 10% are the ones with the bank account numbers and who are the ones getting rich from these disasters?
    Hey, here come a couple of Vultures!

    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    As this soul travels, it becomes apparent that in some places West, there seems to be nothing out there but a waste land as far as awakened souls being there. No one cares or has time to be a good neighbor. Its rush around the clock and let�s all support the oil company gouging us at $3.00 plus a gallon! The biggest problem is there is no sense of family or community while the crime runs rampant. The many millions of soulless people make a conscious person feel as if they are walking among the dead. It�s sad that in most parts of America, they have lost the basic concepts of Family and Community. This is what many of the writers and contributors have become here in these groups. Give thanks for the greater power that inspires us all to continue to fight for our freedoms and the freedoms of all children to come.

    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    Is it so hard to understand that these simple concepts of Family and Community are basic teachings in every Good book from every real religion? One should think that the bible offers great teachings about how important Family and Community are. What some in modern religion have turned into are a bunch of money changers yelling over way to many short wave stations �send me your money� and then judging the free writers here because they know it all and there is no room in God�s world for things unknown to him! We all know what happened to the money changers and as far as judgment of things unknown to small minds is concerned, only the creator sits in absoluteness and all knowing. This is the One we all answer to eventually. In some cases it�s better to be poor then it is for a rich old money changing preacher that calls himself brother to crawl through the eye of a needle.

    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    In this event we also see the potential for the spreading of any number of diseases or bio type contaminants via THE DISPLACED VICTIMMS OF THE KATRINA EXCERCISE. We see them being transported all over the nation even as far as to Oregon which then covers the entire nation from east to west. What if there was some kind of bio disease that got purposely sent all over the nation? Could this be a great set up for the complete lock down of this nation? Nothing will scare the populace more then some kind of infectious virus, disease, or bio hazard of some scary type. We have seen too many in the micro-biologists field get killed as if there was a slow plan being implemented to kill off those that might be important saviors in such a horrific event. We must get our immune systems built up and continue to warn and educate people about the beast and its many forms. There is an effort to kill us off in many ways. The food, drug, water, and medical industries have become the weapons of mass executions in this modern mixed up evil Disneyland horror ride called; the population elimination agenda fast tracking monorail to hell.

    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    One other thing to do is a little homework about the Authority of the Sheriff in the County. We must all know our local Sheriff is a real American that will stand up to the tyranny of this regime and not support the corruption any longer. As we see, the real lawful authority in the parish or county is the Sheriff and he is an elected official that is supposed to stand up for the Constitutional form of government that he has sworn to uphold and protect. If the people can get the right information to this Man and be sure he supports the righteous foundations of real Law and constitutional government, then you as a community will have a chance to survive what evil may come from the corporate babylon. You all want to know if he is a man of the people, or does he support the corruption and lies of the false leadership? Any real Lawman should be able to discern quickly from the massive amount of evidences about 911 out there, as to who is guilty of what. Every wasted death and all the wars and destruction are based on the lie about 911. You either support the lies and corruption or you don�t. If there is continued support of the corruption by people in power who have the ability to change it, then these people need to be rooted out and exposed as the supporters of these LIES from the corrupt regime of Lucifer!

    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    Get in their faces people and present them with the truth. God is truth remember, and on our side. There is no room for fear in God�s world. Neighbors must find out who the babylonians are in their neighborhoods. America must shout the watchwords, �Family and Community.� In some places the people are forming new concerned citizen groups and beginning to make emergency contingency plans while creating community resource centers. After seeing the real FEMA at work, no one wants FEMA in their county. We don�t need to wait for five days for a bunch of foreigners to come in and make things worse. We have enough resources in our community and an ever growing awakened group mind to close the county borders and take care of ourselves. We also have a Sheriff that will stand and defend the people from the King as he was elected to do. This includes the Kings men, FEMA!

    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    The real good news is that we are winning the info war and maybe there is time to stop the insanity before it destroys us all. More and more real mainstream people are jumping on the 911 truth movement ship knowing this is the linchpin for the horrible situation we are all in now. Every nation in the world would jump and clap for joy if we were nuked off the planet right now thanks to all you that put these lying neo-con-extremist-terrorist-tyrants into power. If the real Christians would awaken from this evil Disneyland ride and get jiggity with the real truths, we could still have a chance to make amends to the world for our wretched ways. We ALL have allowed ourselves to be portrayed from the gun point of our fellow Americans who have been murdering the innocents over there in Iraq too long now. We the People are not the murderers that the world thinks we are, but we are being blamed for putting in the freaks responsible for the killing. Everyone knows it�s the CFR and other associated nutzo-globalist-bankster-corporate types that are responsible for ALL the babalonic insanity and chaos of this un-real evil matrix.

    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    Remember that no matter what color you are, what side of the political or spiritual aisle you come from, or what ever economic situation you are in, the one real commonality we all have is our Love for FREEDOM. We all love to be free! If we all stand up and fight even harder now for it, we might actually hold on to it. It�s your choice America and the sands of time are running out. The two election dates are most likely your time frames to work within. These are the mid-term elections in England and America and it’s a big “IF we make it” to the elections without the evil Oil Empire of the globalists pulling off another freedom ending Event.

    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    Look at what Brother George Galloway is doing! It�s sad when we have to have someone come from another country to show us how to take our own back from these wicked tyrants. The Christian mass can make a difference if they can all get together to do battle against the beast. We must all get together!
    We must tell them all that, REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    God bless you all who walk in His holy Light. The Light of Love, Truth, Justice, and the ancient loving kind American way.

    In Service,



    ***REAL CHRISTIANS�ascertain the truth.

    Criminal Activities:
    Cloak and Dagger
    All Things Pass

  8. Cheney Indicted For More Than “obstruction of justice”.

    In the story:
    “It is certainly within the realm of the possible that Cheney got embroiled in a cover up and could be facing an obstruction of justice charge.”

    Bush Plus, INDICTED on FIVE Charges! It happened 1 August, 2005.

    Perjury, obstruction of justice, DRUG money laundering, White House involvement in 9/11, and invading Iraq and Afghanistan under false pretenses.

    Sherman Skolnick holds the U.S. record for accusing, by proper legal protocol, the most sitting judges (including the Illinois Supreme Court) and the highest level sitting judge (U.S. Federal Court of Appeals) judges who have then resigned or gone to prison.

    Bush IS to be expended but just like Watergate, the “news media” coverage of the indictment is on hold and the special prosecutor is under pressure.

    Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2005 11:53 pm

    Skolnick: Ovrthrw 77: Bush & Co. Facing Prosecution
    Cloak and Dagger
    by Sherman H. Skolnick

    Overthrow 79: Bush Indictment Fixing / Bribery Gang
    Cloak and Dagger

    Skolnick: Secret Meetings on Bush Indictments
    Cloak and Dagger
    by Sherman H. Skolnick, co-host
    filed 9/15/05 2:00 a.m. CDT

  9. The information about the indictments from and is amazing, but for the media machine to suddenly report something on it would welcome flak on itself. It will never happen. How many of Skolnick’s successes against corrupt judges are common knowledge?

    As much as I fear what these traitors in office can continue to wreak upon the American people and America’s perceived enemies, I fear dark, roiling clouds on the horizon even more.

    On Saturday, Sept. 18 CNN aired the Clinton Global Initiative, featuring Clinton and Wolfowitz–and singer Bono!–being interviewed by Christiane Amanpour.

    Kind of a New World Order coming-out party?

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