Bush’s Brain: Where Is It and Does It Work?

Bad Brain: I think it’s time the American people stood up and demanded that our Moron-In-Chief have a full psychological examination, a full battery of intelligence tests and be forced to take the FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) that his brother puts so much stock in. And we need to have all the results made public.

Is idiocy an impeachable offense? If it ain’t, it ought to be.

George Bush is beyond out to lunch. He exhibits symptoms of severe dain bramage. He lacks appropriate emotional responses, what psychologists call “flat affect.” He displays an insouciance born of major cerebral cortex malfunction — he’s as oblivious as his famous twin, Alfred “What, Me Worry?” E. Neuman. He makes Ronald Reagan look like a mental giant. He’s the Rain Man without the math ability.

I mean, I’m all for the spirit of the Americans with Disabilities Act, I just don’t want a developmentally challenged president with his finger on THE BUTTON.

Seriously, something is wrong there, and it can’t be fixed by wearing an electronic device between the shoulder blades or by rereading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Bush’s brain is bad, and the sooner we find out how bad, the sooner we, as a nation, can take the necessary steps to put him in a safe, happy place where he can’t hurt people anymore.


One thought on “Bush’s Brain: Where Is It and Does It Work?”

  1. It’s been obvious since he appeared on the scene that Bush’s brain was a swiss-cheese of cocaine and alcohol-induced pathology. But then, isn’t this true of maybe 50 percent of Americans? Anyway, I wouldn’t worry too much about his finger on the button; the procedures are far too complicated for hm to understand and use. It’s the people behind him who really make the decisions that you should be worried about. Do you want Karl Rove making the decisions to bomb?

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