6 thoughts on “Bush Is Not Sure Whether He Is Capable of Dealing with a ‘Severe Attack’”

  1. All depends upon what is meant by “severe.”

    I don’t think anyone or any country r any bueracracy or group of them can truly respond with perfect step to a truly massive catastrophe when none have yet to occur on that scale. Until then, it is only abstraction and theory and always inadequate simulation. We as humans need expereinces to fully learn.

  2. We are capable. We showed in the years after 9-11. It’s just that we’ve been in a national state of post-traumatic stress disorder. We’re totally f%^$&ed up, but we survived. If the Japanese can rebuild Hiroshima and Nagasaki, we could probably recover from a similar tragedy.

  3. The question is not whether or not the Bush can survive a severe attack–the question is: Can he stay awake and watchful and be prepared to take action…and the answer is no, not this most slothful, intellectually and spiritually lazy excuse for a human being.

  4. While we are united in our sadness and compassion for the many victims of the disaster, as well as our condemnation of the ‘disgraceful lack of efficient’ and timely federal response from the president and various government agencies, I was disturbed by their enthusiasm that this would benefit the Democrats. And, there are also ideologues on the right who already unflinchingly defend the failures and ineptitude of this administration despite clear evidence to the contrary.

    This kind of failed, dead-end political thinking on both sides is precisely the problem, i.e., the unprincipled seeking of advantage by one side or another instead of the pursuit of higher guiding principles that apply to, and benefit all of humanity equally, especially in times of need such as these. It’s this kind of political system that actually ‘creates’ the kinds of problems it pretends to be able to solve. Until all citizens see through the ‘political charades,’ we will merely continue to BOUNCE BACK AND FORTH in a ‘futile’ game that produces far more losers than winners and only ‘creates the illusion’ of something meaningful happening.

    Resources that could have been concentrated on saving humankind and our planet are being ‘squandered’ instead on a ruinous military rivalry. The war in Iraq, for example, is costing taxpayers several billion dollars per month. On the other hand the Bush oil cartel reward themselves ‘thriple’ that amount every week. And nothing is reported about the ‘irreversible’ environmental destruction that is STILL being kept secret from the public by the media!)

    On top of that, this administration hampers the capacity of the National Guard to save lives at home. The politicians and along with the media have become a ‘curse to mankind’ and continues to undermine our entire civilization with NO END in sight. This country is so hopelessly misguided, I fear it cannot possibly end well for us.

    It is up to all citizens as a whole, to finally reflect upon reason, become reasonable and undertake the necessary steps against the ‘insane’ machinations of government, their military behemoths and secret services as well, and call a HALT to the power of the irresponsible who have FORSAKEN their responsibility in all areas.

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